Dress Up as Mei Mei (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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How To Dress Like Mei Mei?

About Mei Mei

Mei Mei, a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen, is depicted as a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer with a distinctive appearance and a pragmatic, money-oriented attitude.


  • Mei Mei’s light peach skin provides a subtle contrast to her striking features.
  • Her small, sharp dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows add to her mysterious allure.
  • She is recognized by her long blue-tinted silver hair, often styled into two braids. One braid covers part of her face, while the other drapes behind her head.
  • In her sorcerer attire, Mei Mei wears a dark bodysuit with a skirt, complemented by pants and boots of the same color. In the anime, her suit is purple, and her boots are light brown.
  • While relaxing or engaging in casual activities like playing ping pong, Mei Mei may let her hair down or style it into a single braid, showcasing her versatility.


  • Mei Mei’s demeanor is characterized by a calm and relaxed attitude, demonstrating her ability to maintain composure in any situation.
  • Despite her kind and honest nature, Mei Mei openly admits to being driven by greed, prioritizing monetary gain above all else.
  • She views money as the primary motivator in life, showing little concern for allegiances or politics as long as she is compensated for her services.
  • Mei Mei’s worldview revolves around the concept of financial gain, leading her to prioritize lucrative opportunities over personal relationships or moral considerations.


  • As a skilled fighter, Mei Mei demonstrates proficiency in dispatching curses effortlessly, often utilizing her shikigami, a pair of giant crows named Kuro and Shiro, in battle.
  • Her shikigami not only serves as formidable combat allies but also enables her to scout areas and communicate with others remotely, enhancing her tactical capabilities.
  • Mei Mei possesses keen observational skills, allowing her to analyze enemy movements and identify weaknesses effectively.
  • Additionally, she is adept at using a variety of weapons, including swords and guns, further augmenting her combat prowess.

Overall, Mei Mei’s appearance, personality, and abilities contribute to her intriguing character portrayal, blending elements of mystery, pragmatism, and skillful combat prowess within the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Dress Like Mei Mei

Unleash your inner sorcerer and step into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen with this detailed costume guide to transform into the enigmatic Mei Mei. With her poised and confident demeanor, Mei Mei’s attire is a blend of elegance and combat readiness. Follow these steps to recreate her iconic look:

1.) Wig:

  • Begin your transformation with a long, sleek silver wig that cascades down, embodying Mei Mei’s graceful yet stern appearance. Ensure the wig is smooth and straight, reflecting her no-nonsense personality.

2.) Black Shirt:

  • Slip into a fitted black shirt that speaks to the character’s simplicity and practicality. The shirt should be comfortable yet tailored, allowing for ease of movement while exuding an air of professionalism.

3.) Grey Necktie:

  • Adorn your neck with a grey tie, adding a touch of formality to the ensemble. The tie symbolizes Mei Mei’s role as a disciplined sorcerer who balances power with poise.

4.) Gothic Skirt:

  • Step into a dark, gothic skirt that reaches down to your ankles. This piece not only reflects the mystical aura surrounding jujutsu sorcerers but also ensures you’re battle-ready at any moment.

5.) Low Heel Lace Up Tall Boots:

  • Complete your transformation by lacing up in low-heeled tall boots. These boots are not just about style; they are built for combat, ensuring you’re ready to face any curse that comes your way.

With every piece of this costume, you’ll find yourself stepping deeper into the world of curses and jujutsu sorcery – embodying the enigmatic presence of Mei Mei herself!

Mei Mei Costume Ideas


One of my old young Mei Mei posts started to get a lot of views so I hid it lol that cosplay looked horrid, watch this instead 🤣 #jujutsukaisen #meimeicosplay #jjkseason2


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