Dress Up as Utahime Iori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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How To Dress Like Utahime Iori?

About Utahime Iori

Utahime Iori from Jujutsu Kaisen possesses a distinct appearance and style that reflect both her traditional roots and her modern sensibilities.


  • Utahime’s long blackish-purple hair, tied partially behind her head, adds to her traditional aesthetic.
  • Thin eyebrows and brown eyes complement her overall look.
  • The scar crossing her nose adds a touch of ruggedness to her appearance, hinting at her past struggles and resilience.
  • Her slender, average-height stature adds to her graceful presence.
  • Utahime’s choice of clothing, typically a traditional miko outfit with a white kosode and red umanori-styled hakama pants, showcases her adherence to tradition.
  • However, she adds a modern twist with brown boots, blending tradition with practicality.
  • On her days off, Utahime opts for a more casual ensemble, showcasing her versatility. The dark purple baseball hat, white overalls, black low-cut long-sleeved shirt, and dark shoes reflect her relaxed yet stylish persona.
  • In the past, she sported two pigtails and lacked the scar on her face, yet still maintained her traditional attire, indicating her consistency in style over time.


  • Utahime exudes a calm, kind, yet stern demeanor, embodying a balance between authority and approachability.
  • She serves as an exemplary figure for her students, demonstrating dedication and discipline in her duties as a sorcerer and student supervisor.
  • While she maintains respect for her elders, she isn’t hesitant to express frustration, particularly in interactions with the irreverent Satoru Gojo, showcasing her assertiveness.
  • Utahime’s unwavering dedication to her responsibilities highlights her strong work ethic and commitment to her role.
  • Her choice of clothing reflects her ability to blend tradition with practicality, symbolizing her adaptability and pragmatism.
  • The scar on her face, coupled with her no-nonsense attitude, suggests her resilience and determination in the face of adversity, adding depth to her character.

Overall, Utahime Iori’s appearance and style contribute to her multifaceted character, blending tradition with modernity and resilience with pragmatism.

Dress Like Utahime Iori

Step into the mystical world of Jujutsu Kaisen by transforming into the elegant and powerful Utahime Iori. With her traditional Miko attire and distinct features, you’re sure to be a standout. Here’s your comprehensive guide to achieving the perfect Utahime look.

  1. Wig: Begin your transformation with a luscious, dark-haired wig that cascades down just past the shoulders, mirroring Utahime’s graceful yet stern appearance. Ensure it has a natural sheen to capture her enigmatic presence.
  2. White Bow Hair Clip: Adorn your hair with an oversized white bow clip, positioned perfectly to add an element of innocence and purity, contrasting beautifully against the dark tresses of your wig.
  3. Miko Outfit: Slip into a traditional Miko outfit consisting of a white haori (kimono jacket) paired with a contrasting red hakama (pleated skirt). The ensemble is tied together with a thick, burgundy obi belt – embodying Utahime’s spiritual and priestess-like aura.
  4. Black Socks: Pair your outfit with mid-calf black socks that offer not just comfort but also accentuate the authenticity of the character’s style.
  5. Brown Heel Shoes: Step into polished brown heel shoes that complement the overall attire while adding an element of modernity and elegance.

Creating Utahime’s Scar: To truly encapsulate Utahime’s essence, recreating her iconic scar is essential. Utilize makeup to artistically draw on this distinguishing feature:

  • Start by cleaning and priming your face.
  • Use red and black lip liner or eye pencil to outline the scar lightly.
  • Fill in with skin-safe red face paint or eyeshadow.
  • Add depth using darker shades at edges for realism.
  • Finish off by blending out harsh lines slightly for a natural appearance.

With every piece in place, you’ll not only look but feel like Jujutsu Kaisen’s esteemed sorcerer – ready to take on curses and explore mystical realms!

Utahime Iori Costume Ideas

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