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Leatherface Costume Guide

When it comes to iconic horror film characters, few figures evoke as much dread as Leatherface. With his macabre mask made of human skin and his roaring chainsaw, this character from “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” remains a popular choice for both Halloween and cosplay enthusiasts. If you’re considering embodying this chilling figure, here’s a guide on crafting an authentic Leatherface look.

Essential Components of the Leatherface Costume

  1. Human Skin Mask: This is the most defining feature of Leatherface. Crafted from latex or rubber, many stores sell replicas around Halloween. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own using liquid latex, facial tissues, and paint to get the desired texture and appearance. Remember, each mask represents a different persona, so you can choose which version of Leatherface you’d like to portray.
  2. Chainsaw: While a real chainsaw might be dangerous and inappropriate for most settings, plastic replicas are available in costume stores. For a more hands-on approach, craft one using lightweight materials like cardboard, foam, and silver paint.
  3. Apron: A bloody butcher’s apron is a key component. This can be achieved by purchasing a plain apron and splattering red paint or fake blood on it for that fresh-from-the-slaughterhouse look.
  4. Clothing: Rugged, worn-out shirts and pants mirror Leatherface’s deranged backwoods style. Tattered edges, faux dirt, and additional blood splatters enhance the look.
  5. Boots: Heavy work boots complete the outfit. The older and more worn-out, the better.
  6. Accessories: Consider gloves and tie-on wrist guards. Leatherface often wore these in the movies, adding to his butcher-like appearance.

Tips for Authenticity

  • Character Mannerisms: To truly embody Leatherface, study his movements in the films. His lumbering gait, erratic head movements, and the way he wields his chainsaw are crucial to capturing the essence of the character.
  • Sound Effects: Carry a small speaker with chainsaw sounds. This adds an extra layer of terror to your appearance, especially in the dark corners of a Halloween party.
  • Safety First: If attending public events or places where real weapons are obviously prohibited, ensure all components of your costume are clearly fake. It’s always a good idea to check event rules before attending.

In the End

The Leatherface costume is more than just a mask and chainsaw; it’s an embodiment of raw, visceral horror. By paying attention to details and capturing the character’s essence, you can make a memorable impact at any Halloween or cosplay event. Just remember, while it’s fun to scare and be in character, always prioritize safety and respect the comfort levels of those around you.

Below are the items required to recreate Leatherface Costume:

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Mask

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Bloody Apron

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Shirt

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Tie

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Pants

Leatherface Costume

Leatherface Sledge Hammer

Leatherface Costume Ideas

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Photo Marcellina. on Flickr


"You like this face?"
- Hitchhiker to Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Seen in a comic book store and still in its packaging. I posted a pic of a similar action figure in July 2015, but this version is the 40th anniversary addition.
31 Days of Halloween
Third Eye Comics
Annapolis MD USA
October 2015

nerd leatherface tie scifi horror comicbookconvention texaschainsawmassacre

Photo wasabisauerkraut on Flickr

Leather face attends comic convention

I always giggle when I think about Leatherface's tie

autumn decorations jason fall halloween cemetery leaves fun costume scary corn candy spiders witch zombie leatherface or haunted spooky pa indie horror ghosts treat trick mad zombies scientist myers chucky hatboro

Photo the ghost in you on Flickr

halloween 2013

Us at 2 amazing houses in my hometown.

My albums: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-ghost-in-you/id376186862
My facebook: www.facebook.com/theghostinyou
My music: theghostinyou.bandcamp.com

leatherface costume

Photo Danny Ballenbach on Flickr

Leatherface and Tina 1

Hoze's Halloween party 2010 - Me dressed as Leatherface with my baby Tina

lacomiccon stanleescomiccon comics comiccon nuthingoodat4

Photo storm1sky on Flickr

LA Comic Con 2018 Day2 Leatherface and Samuri

leatherface halloweencostume halloweenmakeup amandachapman texaschainsawmasacre amandachapmanphotography leatherfacecostume leatherfacemakeup

Photo amandachapmanSFX on Flickr


31 Days Of Halloween
Oct. 23

Model/Makeup/Styling/Photography: me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/amandachapmanphotography

portrait people italy festival canon photography costume europe play mask cosplay cosplayer seleziona stefanomenconi

Photo stefanomenconi.com on Flickr



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Photo Vinny Gragg on Flickr


Happy Halloween from Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

halloween family costumes horror film leatherface texaschainsawmassacre

Photo Rob Briscoe on Flickr


portrait sandiego cosplay bokeh streetphotography comiccon sdcc sandiegocomiccon comicconcosplay comicconcostumes comiccon2015 sdcc2015 sandiegocomiccon2015

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr


emilyfieldsphotography bloody leatherface chainsaw creepy sexy costume photography

Photo autumnburnsphotography on Flickr


Me modeling as leather face for Emily Fields Photography October 2021

family holiday halloween costume leatherface wade ©dad

Photo Guy Fisher on Flickr


When a 35-year-old "kid" wearing a mask of human skin comes trick-or-treating at your door, give up the candy without a fight ...

halloween zombiecrawl costumes cosplay denver streetphotography street portraits streetcar streetportraits leatherface zombies

Photo adrianmichaelphotography on Flickr



cosplay con costume parade dragoncon dragon horror texaschainsawmasacre leatherface

Photo rwillia532 on Flickr


Dragon Con 2022 Parade

square lofi squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram

Photo dosmosis on Flickr

#TexasChainsawMassacre #Leatherface #Halloween #costume

show atlanta cinema halloween festival silver georgia downtown little five massacre leatherface chainsaw parade ave scream points horror ninth annual euclid avenue 9th 2009 splatter 8th l5p littlefivepoints spook mclendon moreland halloweenfestival eventcostumesholiday

Photo Greg Foster Photography on Flickr


hall costume contest 2009 dragoncon dragoncon2009

Photo dragoncon (2006 - 2009) on Flickr

186 Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Dragon*Con 2009, Hall Costume Contest, official photo.

Winner: Honorable Mention

halloween monster studio costume scary texas mask cosplay massacre leatherface bricks chainsaw creepy spooky horror approved texaschainsawmassacre texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface 2 - slasher series


halloween monster studio costume scary texas mask cosplay massacre leatherface bricks chainsaw creepy spooky horror approved texaschainsawmassacre texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface 5 - slasher series


california comics costume san texas sandiego cosplay massacre leatherface chainsaw diego convention costuming comiccon geeky sdcc texaschainsawmassacre

Photo uncle_shoggoth on Flickr

Leatherface Gets Photobombed

halloween monster studio costume scary texas mask cosplay massacre leatherface bricks chainsaw creepy spooky horror approved texaschainsawmassacre texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface 1 - slasher series


show toronto anime costume comic cosplay convention tcc cosplayer comiccon con cii 2013 fanexpo

Photo andreas_schneider on Flickr

Leatherface and zombie at Toronto Comic Con

Check out the Toronto Comic Con Dec 2013 Cosplayers Canada magazine Now Available
Check out my blog www.cosplayerscanada.com/
Captain Cold captured at Toronto Comic con Dec 2013

halloween monster studio costume scary texas mask cosplay massacre leatherface bricks chainsaw creepy spooky horror approved texaschainsawmassacre texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface 4 - slasher series


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Photo Vinny Gragg on Flickr

Wizard World Comic Con 2017

Batman, Deadpool and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.

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Photo ihatepeacocks on Flickr

Freddy Jason Leatherface

The legends of classic Horror films, together for the first time...again.

portrait halloween monster movie studio costume scary texas cosplay leatherface character victim chainsaw spooky killer horror series approved horrormovie texaschainsawmassacre slasher texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards slasherseries

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface vs courtney 6 - slasher series


portrait halloween monster movie studio costume scary texas cosplay leatherface character victim chainsaw spooky killer horror series approved horrormovie texaschainsawmassacre slasher texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards slasherseries

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

leatherface vs courtney 2 - slasher series


texaschainsawmassacre prettywoman horror halloween tobehooper gunnarhansen halloweencostume

Photo the ghost in you on Flickr

Pretty Woman costume

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, "Pretty Woman" Halloween costume is complete. I have been Leatherface and or some sort of Leatherface inspired character for Halloween since I was 14. All the clothes were purchased at local thrift stores. The tie I hand painted.

friends portrait jason halloween dark studio costume scary funny comedy mask cosplay leatherface bricks chainsaw spooky masks horror movies parody approved nightmare horrormovie 13 freddy fridaythe13th claws elmstreet freddykrueger texaschainsawmassacre nightmareonelmstreet slasher fridaythethirteenth jasonvoorhees texaschainsaw canon40d christinaedwards slasherseries

Photo CE Photogenetix on Flickr

slasher trio 3 - slasher series


ma massachusetts hauntedhappenings halloweeninsalem halloween2010 halloweeninsalem2010

Photo marjijack on Flickr


california vacation sculpture vintage weird cool scary unitedstates leatherface fineart stickers creepy masks hollywood scifi horror burbank monsters memorabilia autographs freddykrueger nightmares horrorconvention 2015 makeupartists michaelmyers makeupeffects spfx jasonvorhees horrorart cinemamakeupschool nightmareproductions monsterpalooza craigjacobson cassandrasechler dreamsfordeadcatsproductions sonofmonsterpalooza nightmaresshow

Photo cassandra sechler on Flickr

Son of Monsterpalooza 2015 Event-59

Photo taken at the Son of Monsterpalooza horror convention held at the Burbank Marriott September 18-20 2015.

instagramapp square squareformat iphoneography uploaded:by=instagram xproii

Photo thecrypt617 on Flickr

Love me, love me, say that ya love me. #leatherface #halloween

halloween roseburg leatherface

Photo randimueck on Flickr


Why in the hell did I stop to take a picture before running soundly away from this homicidal maniac? Look, he already cut that guys head off, and I needed proof he was there?!?!
This is my brother Werner in a brilliantly realistic Leatherface costume, Halloween 2007

halloween costume chris leatherface

Photo Killing Murphy on Flickr


halloween costume

Photo visualkaos on Flickr


These folks went crazy with the whole haunted house/maze thing.

leatherface possessed deadgirl

Photo the.insidious.blue on Flickr

Halloween costumes of 2009

costumes newyork costume cosplay comiccon 2014 specialedition senyc senyc2014 specialeditionnewyork specialeditionnewyork2014

Photo gluetree on Flickr


costume leatherface horror

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


Alan as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

costume convention texasfrightmareweekend

Photo kwago83 on Flickr


halloween scary dress mask leatherface chainsaw fancy exp600 spunfunkster

Photo Spunfunkster on Flickr


My Halloween Costume - October 2004

atlanta people halloween georgia costume scary parade horror l5p littlefivepoints moreland

Photo Greg Foster Photography on Flickr


costumes west halloween crazy hollywood wtf 2007 wierdos

Photo SniffinGlue on Flickr


had a real chainsaw n shit
shit was rad

costume big leatherface lebowski

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


Leatherface and Walterface

costume leatherface horror

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


costume leatherface horror

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


Don't murder me with a chainsaw! That's ignorant!

atlanta trek star costume dragon spiderman fantasy convention superheroes con larp sluts

Photo BaronessEast on Flickr

Lil' Leatherface

costume leatherface madmen

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


Joan! Look out!

costume leatherface horror

Photo gildat20 on Flickr


Oh no! Look out for that chainsaw MJ!

new girls white black color men canon lens photo costume women flickr gallery cosplay flash picture pic guys anaheim 2015 1755mm freddiekrueger 60d jasonvorhees wonderconleatherface

Photo FJT Photography on Flickr

Wondercon 2015-29.jpg

2003 horrorfind

Photo bobnjeff on Flickr

horrorfind2003 020

Leatherface Costume

atlanta costume cosplay leatherface scream dragoncon

Photo rbakeratl on Flickr


Taken at DragonCon 2010, Atlanta, Georgia

costumes atlanta leatherface parade convention texaschainsawmassacre dragoncon2007

Photo Foenix on Flickr



costume convention texasfrightmareweekend

Photo kwago83 on Flickr


costumes halloween

Photo dan carrick on Flickr

Halloween2007 072

a good Leatherface from the original Tobe Hooper movie

About Leatherface: The Terrifying Icon of Horror Cinema

Leatherface stands as one of the most iconic figures in horror cinema. Emerging from the 1974 classic, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” directed by Tobe Hooper, this menacing character embodies many of our deepest fears, pulling audiences into a world where the familiar becomes unsettlingly foreign.

Origin of Leatherface

Leatherface was not conceived as a standalone horror character but was inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein, who had a notorious history of exhuming corpses and fashioning trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. However, it’s important to clarify that while Ed Gein inspired the character, Leatherface’s story and the narrative of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” are entirely fictional.

Distinct Characteristics

Perhaps the most chilling feature of Leatherface is his mask made of human skin, which gives him his namesake. This mask doesn’t just serve as a gruesome aesthetic choice; it plays a deeper role. Each mask represents a different persona Leatherface adopts, indicating a fragmented identity, which only adds layers to his already complex and terrifying character.

Moreover, his choice of weapon, the chainsaw, brings an industrial, raw, and visceral dimension to his reign of terror. This tool, typically associated with lumber and construction, in Leatherface’s hands becomes an instrument of pure horror, emphasizing the brutality of his actions.

Legacy in Horror Cinema

Since his first appearance, Leatherface has undergone multiple reinterpretations and has been featured in numerous sequels, remakes, and spin-offs. Each iteration explores different aspects of his character, from his origins to the nature of his psychosis.

His longevity in the horror genre testifies to the character’s enduring appeal and the universal terror he evokes. Leatherface stands as a reminder of the thin line between civilization and savagery and challenges our notions of humanity and monstrosity.

Cultural Impact

Leatherface has transcended cinema and imprinted himself onto popular culture. From Halloween costumes to references in other media, his influence is undeniable. He’s often mentioned alongside other horror giants like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, making him an integral part of the horror pantheon.

In conclusion, Leatherface’s contribution to the horror genre is immense. By blending real-life inspirations with nightmarish fiction, the character has haunted audiences for decades. As we move forward, it’s clear that Leatherface’s impact will continue to resonate, ensuring his place in horror history.


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