Dress Up as The Grabber from The Black Phone

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Hey there! Looking to recreate The Grabber’s eerie look from The Black Phone? You’re in the right place! Here’s a detailed guide to help you nail the costume:

The Grabber is a mysterious and menacing serial killer who kidnaps children and keeps them in his basement. He wears different masks and costumes to hide his identity and express his twisted personality. His attire is inspired by the magic shows of the 1930s and 1940s, where magicians would dress up as the devil for some of their tricks.

The Grabber’s attire consists of the following elements:

  • Masks: The Grabber has a collection of masks that he can interchange depending on his mood and the stage of his ritual. Each mask has a different design and meaning, such as horns, a toothy grin, or a frowning mouth. The masks are beige and faceless, giving him an enigmatic and creepy appearance.
  • Makeup: Underneath his masks, The Grabber wears white face makeup that resembles a clown. This is a nod to his original appearance in the short story by Joe Hill, where he was a clown. The makeup also serves as a contrast to his dark clothing and accessories.
  • Hat: The Grabber wears a black top hat that matches his magician persona. The hat is smooth and has a ribbon band. It adds a touch of class and sophistication to his otherwise sinister outfit.
  • Shirt: The Grabber wears a red turtleneck shirt and polo shirt on top of that which stands out from his black attire. The shirt is casual and distinctive, making him easily recognizable as The Grabber. The shirt also has short sleeves, which expose his hand wraps.
  • Pants: The Grabber wears dark dress pants that are tailored but not too tight. The pants are sleek and elegant, fitting his magician theme. The pants also have a large, ornate belt buckle that is silver and intricate. The belt buckle looks like an artifact from another era and adds some flair to his costume.
  • Shoes: The Grabber wears polished black dress shoes that are comfortable and stylish. The shoes are suitable for his magician role and allow him to move swiftly in the shadows. The shoes also complement his black hat and pants.
  • Hand wraps: The Grabber wears beige hand wraps or bandages that cover his wrists and forearms. The hand wraps are similar to those worn by boxers or fighters. They suggest that The Grabber is violent and aggressive and that he may have injured himself or others in the past.
  • Spray paint: The Grabber carries a black spray paint can that he uses to paint his van and the walls of his basement. The spray paint is a tool that he uses to conceal his identity and his activities. The spray paint also creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere in his lair.

The Grabber’s attire is a reflection of his personality and his backstory. He is a complex and twisted character who uses his masks and costumes to express his different moods and aspects of his ritual. He is also a master of disguise who hides behind his magician persona and his spray paint. He is a terrifying and fascinating villain who will haunt your nightmares.

Remember, it’s all about capturing that ominous aura while paying attention to detail. Happy haunting!

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