Dress Up as Finney Blake from The Black Phone

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Hey there! If you’re looking to dress up as Finney Blake from The Black Phone, you’re in the right place. Finney is a brave and clever kid who gets kidnapped by a creepy serial killer and tries to escape with the help of a mysterious black phone. He’s also played by the talented Mason Thames, who does a great job of bringing this character to life.

To recreate Finney’s look, you’ll need a few items that you can easily find online or in your closet. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wig: Finney has light brown hair that’s a bit messy and shaggy. You can get a wig that matches his hair color and style, or you can use your own hair if it’s similar enough. Just make sure to comb it a little bit to give it some volume and texture.
  • Top: Finney wears a simple but iconic raglan tee with blue sleeves and a grey body. It’s a casual and comfortable shirt that suits his personality. You can look for a similar shirt online or in a thrift store, or you can make your own by sewing or painting different colored fabrics together.
  • Jeans: Finney pairs his shirt with a classic pair of blue jeans—nothing too fancy, just something that fits well and is easy to move in. You can use any blue jeans that you have, or you can buy a new pair that matches his style.
  • Shoes: Finney wears navy blue sneakers that are also simple and practical. They’re perfect for running away from the bad guy or exploring the basement. You can use any navy blue sneakers that you have, or you can look for a pair that resembles his.
  • Bag: Finney carries a grey and blue duffel bag that he uses to store his belongings and some clues. It’s a handy accessory that adds some detail and realism to your costume. You can use any grey and blue duffel bag that you have, or you can buy one that looks like his.
  • Black Phone: The black phone is an old-fashioned rotary dial phone that is disconnected from the line. You can buy it online or at a thrift store, or you can make them yourself by using some fabric, paint, and cardboard.

And that’s it! You’re ready to rock your Finney Blake costume and impress everyone with your awesome outfit. Don’t forget to have fun and stay safe!

Finney Blake Costume Ideas


I find it funny to edit a Finney Blake cosplayer <3!! @Finney blake 📞 -#cosplay #finneyblake #tbp #📞

♬ son original – 𝗦𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗲⁴

Okay, but what about this Finney Blake cosplay…🛐🛐 @Finney blake 📞 #finneyblake #cosplay

♬ som original – Bay 🖤

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