Raven The 100 Costume


Raven Reyes is one of the main characters in the TV series “The 100”. Raven is a genius rocket scientist and a great spaceship pilot. Raven wore a lot of different costumes in different scenes. But the most iconic and well-known costume is the one shown below. This costume includes a red shirt, an iconic red jacket, grey pants, a pair of combat boots, and a leg gun holster.

Raven The 100 Costume
Red Shirt
Raven Reyes Jacket
Combat Shoes
Gun Holster

Raven The 100 Costume Guide

Raven The 100 Costume

Raven Reyes Red Shirt

This red shirt is an exact match of the original costume seen in the TV series. The shirt is long-sleeved with a few buttons at the chest area.

Raven The 100 Costume

Raven Reyes Red Jacket

This red bomber cropped jacket is not an exact match but we found a similar look-alike one for you. This is a bomber-style jacket with a black collar and black sleeve cuffs. At the bottom of the jacket, there is a black stripe that goes all around the jacket

Raven The 100 Costume

Raven Reyes Red Pants

This pant is an exact match of the original, seen in the show. There is a total of eleven pockets on these pants. The pockets are located in front as well as on the back of the pants. These pants are 4x tougher than the normal jeans pants.

Raven The 100 Costume

Raven Reyes Combat Boots

Raven in the show used combat boots as she always had to face challenging situations. These shoes are perfect and look like the ones raven wears in the show.

Raven The 100 Costume

Raven Reyes Leg Holster

Raven used to keep a handgun with her in her leg holster.


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