Qtip Costume

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Qtip Costume
Fur Hat
White Shirt
White Track Pant
White Gloves
Furry Slippers
Furry Leg Warmers
Qtip Costume
Men Suit
Black Shirt
Cadet Cap

Qtip (Cotton Swab) Costume Guide

Qtip is a brand name of cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are thin piece of stick which is made up of plastic, wood or paper. The two end of the stick is wrapped with cotton and is generally used to clean ears, but it is not a good idea according to the doctors around the world. It is also used in first aid, cosmetics, craft and cleaning.

Qtip cotton swab costume is easy to make and it is a unique cosplay idea.

Fur Hat: – Get a Russian Fur Hat which will act as a cotton tip of the Qtip swab.

White T-shirt and pant: – Wear a white t-shirt and white track pant which will act as a middle stick of the Qtip swab.

White Gloves: – Also wear white gloves on both hands.

Furry Slippers: – Wear furry slippers which will act as a bottom cotton tip of Qtip swab.

Furry Leg Warmers: – Also use furry leg warmer (optional) to complete the costume.

Qtip (Musician) costume Guide

Q-Tip (original name: – Kamaal Ibn John Fareed) is an amarican musician. He produce music albums in hip hop style and he is loved by the people for it. He started his music career in late 1980’s as an alternative hip hop group’s main producer.

Q-Tip (Musician) wears a lot of costume but the above mentioned is a famous one.

Full suit: – Get the suit which looks similar to the Q-Tip costume.

Black Shirt: – Wear a Black shirt inside the coat to match the costume of Q-Tip.

Cadet Cap: – Get a Cadet Cap which looks identical to Q-Tip.

Shoes: – Wear black colored shoes to complete the costume

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