Dress Up as Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ is a popular rhythm game where you play as Boyfriend, a blue-haired rapper who tries to impress his girlfriend by winning musical battles against various opponents. If you’re a fan of the game and want to cosplay as Boyfriend, here’s what you need to do:

What You’ll Need

  • A bright blue wig
  • A red snapback cap
  • A white t-shirt with a red “NO” symbol
  • Blue jeans
  • Red sneakers
  • A microphone

Step by Step Guide

  1. Hair: The first thing you need to do is get a wig that matches Boyfriend’s hair color and style. You can either buy a ready-made wig online or dye and cut your own hair. The wig should be a vibrant blue and have a messy look. You can use some gel or spray to style it in a way that looks cool and casual.
  2. Cap: Next, you need to wear a red cap on your head. It should be a snapback cap with a flat brim. You can either wear it normally or backwards, depending on your preference. The cap should contrast with your hair and add some flair to your outfit.
  3. T-Shirt: For your top, you need a plain white t-shirt with a red “NO” symbol on the front. The symbol should be large and centered on your chest. You can either buy a t-shirt with the symbol already printed on it or make your own by using a stencil and some fabric paint. The t-shirt should fit you well and not be too loose or tight.
  4. Jeans: For your bottom, you need a pair of blue jeans. They should be comfortable and not too baggy or skinny. You can either wear them as they are or roll up the cuffs for a more casual look. The jeans should match your hair and cap and complete your outfit.
  5. Sneakers: For your shoes, you need a pair of red sneakers with white soles and laces. They should be simple and sporty and not have any logos or designs on them. You can either buy them online or at a local store. The sneakers should be clean and bright and add some color to your look.
  6. Microphone: Finally, you need a microphone to sing and rap with. It should be a handheld microphone with a black handle and a silver head. You can either buy a real microphone or a toy one that looks realistic. The microphone should be your main accessory and show off your musical skills.

Tips and Tricks

  • To make your costume more authentic, you can add some details from the game, such as a band-aid on your nose, a speaker on your belt, or a boombox on your shoulder.
  • To make your costume more fun, you can practice some of Boyfriend’s moves and expressions from the game, such as his finger guns, his wink, or his smile.
  • To make your costume more interactive, you can play some of the game’s songs on your phone or speaker and challenge your friends to a rap battle.

And that’s how you dress like Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin’! With this costume, you’ll be ready to rock the party and impress everyone with your style and talent. Have fun and enjoy the game! 😎

Boyfriend Costume Ideas (Friday Night Funkin’)

Dress Up as Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin’
By NeltoraArtCosplay on DEVIANTART

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