Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer Costume
Carl Wheezer Wig
Carl Wheezer Glasses
Carl Wheezer Shirt
Sharpie for marking stripes on the shirt
Carl Wheezer Suspenders
Carl Wheezer Pants
Carl Wheezer Shoes
Orange Wig
Round Eye Glasses
Sharpie, Red
Khaki Pant

Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron Costume Guide

Carl Wheezer is seen wearing the same type of costume in the movies and TV shows. The only difference in the Carl Wheezer costume seen in the Movie and TV shows is, that he does not wear suspenders on TV shows while he was seen wearing suspenders in the movie.

Carl Wheezer’s costume includes a curled red hair wig, classic round thick glasses, an orange-colored polo shirt with red vertical stripes, orange-colored suspenders, green khaki-colored pants, and brown-colored shoes.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Red Wig

Carl has curly red hair. The top of the head is small as it is a cartoon character, therefore he does not have hairs on the side of his head. His hair looks like clumped hair of different sizes but it matches this curly hair wig.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Glasses

Carl is considered a nerd and so he wears thick brown glasses. These glasses are similar to what Carl wears.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Shirt

Carl wears an orange-colored shirt with red-colored vertical stripes on it. As for now, an orange-colored vertical striped shirt is not available but you can make those vertical stripes with a red-colored Sharpie. If you do not wish to make stripes on the shirt you can wear it as it is, but we recommend doing so, to make the costume accurate as possible.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Red-Colored Sharpie

Use this sharpie for making red stripes on the shirt. This Sharpie has a thick head which will be easier to make the stripes.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Suspenders

In the movie, Carl has been seen wearing orange-colored suspenders. It is also optional but we recommend it.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Pants

Carl was seen wearing green khaki-colored pants in both the movie and Tv shows.

Carl Wheezer Costume

Carl Wheezer’s Shoes

Get these brown shoes to complete the Carl Wheezer costume.

About Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer is one of the main characters in the show named “Jimmy Neutron”. Carl and Jimmy are best friends. Jimmy Neutron’s show was aired on Nickelodeon TV. Carl is allergic to most things and is always afraid of getting sick because of his allergies. Carl is cowardly in nature and is afraid of doing anything. He loves and admires Allama. He is very much obsessed with this animal, so much so that he started a club named The Llama Love Society. He has a big crush on Jimmy’s mom name Judy. He likes her so much that he has shown interest in eliminating Judy’s husband so that they can get together. Carl has a serious asthma problem and he always keeps an asthma pump with him. Carl’s mom is shown as a caring mother and she takes care of Carl all the time. She always gives Carl warm milk to drink and sings a song called “Nani Nani”. Know more about Carl Wheezer here.

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