Amish Costumes For Men And Women


The Amish community is known for its distinct and traditional way of life, including its attire. While it is important to approach cultural representations with respect and sensitivity, learning about different cultures can be an enriching experience. If you are interested in showcasing an authentic Amish costume for Halloween or cosplay, it is crucial to approach it with cultural appreciation rather than appropriation.

Amish Costume For Men

Amish Costumes For Men And Women
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The Amish men’s costume typically consists of the following elements:

  1. Hat: The hat is an essential part of an Amish man’s attire. It is often a black or straw-brimmed hat, commonly known as a broad-brimmed or flat-crowned hat. These hats are typically plain and devoid of any decorative elements.
  2. Shirt: Amish men wear long-sleeved shirts that are usually solid-colored, such as shades of blue, black, or white. The shirts have a high collar and are buttoned all the way up. Avoid shirts with patterns or bright colors, as simplicity is key to the Amish aesthetic.
  3. Pants: Amish men wear straight-cut, plain-front pants. The colors are usually dark, such as black, dark blue, or gray. The pants are worn with suspenders instead of a belt, and the pant legs are often rolled up slightly above the ankles.
  4. Footwear: Simple black shoes or boots are typically worn by Amish men. The shoes are usually made of leather and have a minimalistic design without any elaborate decorations.

Amish Costume For Women

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The Amish women’s costume is known for its modesty and simplicity. Here are the key components of an Amish women’s costume:

  1. Dress: Amish women wear ankle-length dresses made from solid-colored fabric. The colors are usually muted, such as shades of blue, purple, or black. The dresses are typically loose-fitting and have long sleeves. Avoid dresses with patterns or vibrant colors.
  2. Apron: Over the dress, Amish women often wear a white or light-colored apron. The apron is usually tied around the waist and covers the front of the dress. It adds a functional and practical touch to the overall attire.
  3. Bonnet: Amish women wear bonnets to cover their hair. The bonnets are typically white or light-colored and have a simple, understated design. The bonnet ties under the chin and covers the sides and back of the head.
  4. Footwear: Amish women wear flat, practical shoes. These are typically black or dark-colored, made of leather, and have a simple design without any ornate details.

Important Considerations:

  1. Respect and Sensitivity: When donning an Amish costume, it is crucial to approach it with respect and sensitivity towards the Amish community and their beliefs. Avoid stereotypes or caricatures that may perpetuate misunderstandings or disrespect.
  2. Cultural Appropriation: It is important to understand the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation. Appropriation involves adopting elements of a culture without understanding or respecting their significance. Ensure that you are appreciating and representing the culture in an authentic and respectful manner.
  3. Education: Take the time to learn about the Amish community, their beliefs, and their values. Understand the context behind their attire to appreciate and represent it accurately.

Costumes inspired by the Amish culture can be a unique and interesting choice for Halloween or cosplay. However, it is crucial to approach such costumes with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a genuine desire to appreciate the Amish community’s way of life. By understanding and accurately representing their attire, you can ensure that your costume showcases cultural appreciation rather than appropriation.

Amish Costume Ideas

halloween costume uniform doll tales leg barbie fairy avenue nuit une fées mille contes

Photo Barbies Land on Flickr

Barbie Amish

Barbie Amish

deadpool marriottcarpet cosplay amish

Photo foodbyfax on Flickr

Marriott Carpet Deadpool takes a selfie with the Amish

amish costume

Photo FIDM on Flickr

(L to R) Costumes/Actors: Karley Scott Collins as Katie Graber, Matt Letscher as Gideon Graber and Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Ida Graber.

July 23, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA
Amish Grace. Costumes by Costume Designer, Van Broughton Ramsey; Costume Supervisor, Betsey Potter. These costumes can be seen in the “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design” exhibition in the FIDM Museum & Galleries at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles.

Photo by John Sciulli©Berliner Photography/BEImages

amish kansas

Photo a secret inside girl. on Flickr


I visited the "Little House on the Prairie" log cabin (a replica of the original) near Independence, Kansas, and saw people in what I thought was period costume. "How nice," I thought, "they've hired folks to dress up in old timey clothes." It wasn't until the "folks" started glaring at me and shielding their children from my camera that I realized they weren't in period costume. They were, indeed, Amish.

You'd think I'd never bought sweet corn from Amish farmers before.

dutch lancaster

Photo paladinsf on Flickr

the back roads of dutch counrty

bus america costume couple basket 2006 amish pdf playadelfuego busforchange

Photo Anna Kadysheva on Flickr

amish couple

This amish couple was awesome. During the day, they were completely in role, talking almost entirely in German, pretending to shy away from my camera at first (and they have actual eggs in that basket). At night... well, let's just say those two performing on the stripper pole (in costume! until they stripped them off that is) is one of my most memorable moments of PDF.
Behind them is the Bus For Change (

dragoncon costumes humor funny canonrebelt6s niksoftware

Photo greyloch on Flickr

The Party Amish

You've got to admire their dedication to this group concept.

portrait halloween sandiego streetphotography halloweencostumes downtownsandiego costumeideas sexyhalloween sexyhalloweencostumes sandiegostreetphotography sandiegohalloween halloween2012 sandiegohalloween2012 2012halloweencostumes

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr

Amish Guy

ted costume rabbi

Photo kathleen.bradley on Flickr

Rabbi Ted

who also looks Amish

canon costume desfile disfraz pontevedra carnavales 24105 entroido canon40d entroido2014

Photo Manuls on Flickr

Amish galego

Gracias al tiempo meteorológico en Pontevedra pudimos disfrutar este año de un día más de Entroido (Carvanales).

Este año parece que los amish decidieron visitarnos en el desfile.

halloween halloweencostumes amishelectrician

Photo That Nikon Girl on Flickr

amish electrician

party halloween costume ripon gooseblind

Photo Ric Damm on Flickr

Amish Girl Likes Boots

Ashley just had to try on Little Red's boots -- Super Amish Girl!

portrait halloween sandiego streetphotography halloweencostumes downtownsandiego costumeideas sexyhalloween sexyhalloweencostumes sandiegostreetphotography sandiegohalloween halloween2012 sandiegohalloween2012 2012halloweencostumes

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr

Who knew the Amish could use cell phones

woman man stockings oregon neighborhood kelly badges neighbors patches halloweenparty hung lakeoswego greenvest rumspringa adultcostume adulthalloweencostume calfsocks shortgreenskirt girlscoutcostume amishcostume hungwasson 20111022 vietnameseamishmancostume rumschpringe rumshpringa 20111022export skaiandkellyhalloweenparty 2011danceyhalloweenparty adulthalloweenparty adultgirlscoutcostume pleatedgreenskirt

Photo sean dreilinger on Flickr

vietnamese amish on rumspringa having a divine conversation with a girl scout - _MG_5600

copyright © 2011 sean dreilinger

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view vietnamese amish on rumspringa having a divine conversation with a girl scout - _MG_5600 on a black background.

amish costume

Photo Mark Burr on Flickr

2013-07-20_Red Beard

What I love about a gathering of people at a sale like this is the diverse mixture of costumes that you can see. The man leaning on the truck on the left is the 37 year old Bishop from the Milverton daughter settlement of Chesley South West. They have made some subtle changes to their clothing styles that causes them to stand out from their Milverton Amish brethren. The man in the green shirt dresses in the normal Milverton style. The man with his back to us is from the Mt. Elgin Amish settlement.

halloween costume

Photo Brianz on Flickr


beard costume amish

Photo mama.garrity on Flickr

johnnie in disguise

costumes halloween fred 2012 franzacks

Photo vainglory on Flickr

Halloween at Fred & Amy's 2012

amish fred

amish costume

Photo a heart in ny on Flickr

amish family group costume

amish family at soho house party

portrait espoo costume amish event 2008 d300 35mmf2d ropecon dipoli

Photo mrksaari on Flickr

Amish couple

portrait wisconsin halloweencostume amish madison farmer unaltered nikoncoolpixl5

Photo Nikonrobin on Flickr

Portrait of PW as an Amish Farmer

PW in his Halloween costume. October 31, 2008; Madison, Wisconsin; unaltered; Nikon Coolpix L5.

costumes halloween ships royalcaribbean royalpromenade allureoftheseas cruise2012

Photo skjoiner on Flickr

Amish Couple

the Halloween costume parade onboard

sanfrancisco california road street costumes wheel race easter fun outside big crash tricycle event your activity curve bring own potrerohill vermontstreet 2011 wheelbig tricucle byobw bringyourownbigwheel sfbyobw

Photo MikeMcGeePhoto on Flickr

Amish Big Wheel

2011 Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW) race. Annual race held every year at 20th and Vermont Streets in San Francisco, California at 4pm on Easter Sunday.

Men, women & children, often in costumes, sign a waiver and race down the curves of Potrero Hill for free in homemade big wheels. An Easter event in SF like no other!

If you like any of these pics, please add a comment. Cheers!

dress amish dresses sales mennonite bonnets wellesleytownship auctionsales

Photo Mark Burr on Flickr

2011-07-16_Two of a Crowd

2 Amish ladies, both unmarried, and look like sisters. The black prayer caps say "not married". These ladies are from the Milverton, Ontario Amish community, where "capes" are not a part of a woman's costume.


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