Dress Up as Kinji Hakari (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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How To Dress Like Kinji Hakari?

About Kinji Hakari

Hakari is a seasoned jujutsu sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen, known for his gruff demeanor and no-nonsense attitude. He has a rugged appearance, with a thick beard and muscular build that reflect his years of combat experience. Hakari’s appearance is characterized by his rugged attire and weathered features, which give him a rough and intimidating aura. In combat, Hakari relies on his brute strength and raw power to overwhelm his opponents, using his extensive knowledge of jujutsu techniques to gain the upper hand in battle. He is a formidable adversary, capable of holding his own against even the strongest of curses and sorcerers.

Dress Like Kinji Hakari

Kinji Hakari is one of the most intriguing characters in the popular manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a third-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College and a former member of the Zenin clan. He has a mysterious and rebellious personality, and he is known for his underground fighting activities. He also possesses a unique curse technique that allows him to manipulate the flow of time.

If you want to cosplay as Kinji Hakari, you will need to pay attention to every detail of his outfit. His style is simple yet distinctive, reflecting his cool and confident attitude. We will show you how to dress like Kinji Hakari from Jujutsu Kaisen with a detailed costume guide.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to dress like Kinji Hakari from Jujutsu Kaisen:

1. The Iconic Purple Wig

The first and most important item you will need is a purple wig that matches Kinji’s hair color. His hair is short and spiky, with some bangs covering his forehead. You can use some hair gel or spray to style your wig and make it look more realistic. Alternatively, you can also dye your own hair purple if you prefer.

2. The Classic White T-shirt

The next item you will need is a plain white T-shirt. This is a basic and essential piece of clothing that Kinji wears under his hoodie. It shows his casual and laid-back style, as well as his muscular physique. Make sure your T-shirt is not too tight or too loose, but fits you well.

3. The Black Sherpa Hoodie

The third item you will need is a black sherpa hoodie. This is Kinji’s signature outerwear, and it adds a lot of character to his outfit. The sherpa hoodie is a type of hoodie that has a soft and fuzzy lining, usually made of wool or synthetic material. It provides warmth and comfort, as well as a rugged and stylish look. Kinji usually wears his hoodie with the hood up, covering most of his face and hiding his eyes. This creates a mysterious and intimidating effect, as well as a contrast with his bright hair color.

4. The Grey Pants

The fourth item you will need is a pair of grey pants. Kinji wears grey pants that are slightly loose and baggy, but not too much. They match his hoodie and T-shirt, and they also complement his shoes. You can choose any shade of grey that suits you, as long as it is not too dark or too light.

5. The Black Square Toe Shoes

The fifth and final item you will need is a pair of black square toe shoes. These are the shoes that Kinji wears with his outfit, and they complete his look. Square toe shoes are shoes that have a square-shaped toe box, instead of a round or pointed one. They are usually made of leather or suede, and they have a flat or low heel. They are modern and fashionable, and they also provide comfort and stability. Kinji’s shoes are black, matching his hoodie and pants.

Final Tips

Here are some final tips on how to dress like Kinji Hakari from Jujutsu Kaisen:

  • Accessorize your outfit with some jewelry, such as a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. Kinji wears a silver necklace with a pendant that resembles a clock, symbolizing his curse technique. He also wears a black bracelet on his right wrist, and a silver ring on his left index finger.
  • Apply some makeup to enhance your features, such as some eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow. Kinji has dark and sharp eyes, and he also has some scars on his face. You can use some makeup to create these effects, or you can also use some fake tattoos or stickers.

I hope this helps you dress like Kinji Hakari from Jujutsu Kaisen. Have fun and enjoy your cosplay!

Kinji Hakari Costume Ideas


JUJUTSU KAISEN: KINJI HAKARI Gotta lose lots of weight to make this look work, gonna be a busy fall 💪

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