Hawaiian Punch Costume

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023 at 01:20 pm

Hawaiian Punch Costume
Hawaiian Punch Drink
Hawaiian Hat
White Shoes
Orange Color Spray
Hawaiian Hat

Hawaiian Punch is a great drink, tastes good and cheap to get, but what about Hawaiian Punch’s Punchy and Oaf costume?

Well, same story! Great costume that is cheap and easy to get.

Hawaiian Punch Costume Ideas

Hawaiian Punch’s Punchy Costume Guide

Hat: – Get the Hawaiian Hat and spray paint it with orange color to match the costume from the cartoon.

Shirt: – Get the blue striped shirt similar to the Punchy’s shirt.

Pant: – Buy the white pant if you do not have an old one in your wardrobe.

Shoes: – Get the white shoes to complete the costume.

Hawaiian Punch’s Oaf Costume Guide

Hat: – Get the Hawaiian Hat similar to Oaf costume. Pluck some leaves from your garden and tuck it on the hat.

Shirt: – Get the orange flower colored shirt similar to Oaf’s costume.

Pant: – Get the white colored pant.

Shoes: – Get the shoes to complete the Hawaiian Punch’s Oaf costume.

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