Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costumes


Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese series of comics. It was written by a Japanese artist named Ken Waiuku. The movie has also released on this comic in the year 2021. Around 50+ million copies have been sold around the world. The popularity of this anime is growing pretty fast. If you are a fan of this anime and want to cosplay with the characters shown in this anime then you are in the right place.

The main characters in this Anime are Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, Draken, Hinata Tachibana, Tachibana Naoto, Makoto Suzuki, Kiyomasa, and Takuya Yamamoto.

We will recommend and guide you to get the best costume for your Tokyo Revengers cosplay.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Guide

In Tokyo Revengers there are eight main characters. All character has a unique dress that they wear. We will show you a DIY Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume guide so that you can play your cosplay as soon as possible and get ready to go back in time.

Takemichi Hanagaki Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Are you ready to go back in time to change the future? Being a Takemichi is not an easy task. Going back in time, again and again, can change anyone’s perspective of the world and can attract a lot of trouble from the past as well as in present. Going back in time and saving his dead ex-girlfriend is a dangerous and risky path Takemichi has chosen. But it will be worth it after saving her.

Takemichi is a very emotional character who pronto crying in any bad situation or mistake. Takemichi shows courage in every situation when he is committed to doing something.

Talking about his costume, Takemichi wore 3 types of costume in the entire series.

The first was when he was in High School as a Teenager with yellow color-dyed hair, a long white shirt, fluffy black pants, and a pair of loafer shoes.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costumes

The second was when he was an adult with black hair, a red and white t-shirt, blue pants, and red-colored sneaker shoes.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costumes
Yellow Wig
White Shirt
Baggy Pants

The third is when he was in time travel in the past and joined a Toman gang. This time he wore Toman gang uniform which includes a black Toppuku with Toman gang’s logo printed on it and a pair of brown roughed shoes.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costumes

Manjiro (Mikey) Sano Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Are you ready to be a leader of your gang? Manjiro Sano wears and styles his costume as a gangster. He is a leader of a gang named Kanto Manji. He is the second main character in the Tokyo Revengers Comic series. Manjiro is mostly seen in a villain role in the series. At first, Manjiro was a good and careless man but slowly he developed bad urges in his mind and slowly became a gangster. Takemichi and Manjiro wear good friends before childhood. They cared for each other.

Manjiro suffered from mental conscience and tried his best to keep the death thoughts away from him. Due to this, the darkness spread in his mind and he became an anti-hero character.

Manjiro always wore a loose t-shirt, a Toman gang’s long black coat, black baggy pants, and beige shoes.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costumes

Draken Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Draken was the member and vice-leader of the gang named Kanto Manji. He later join the other gang named Brahman. Draken is relatively tall than all other members. He has a masculine body and looks very strong and stiff. In character, he is similar to Manjiro, badass. He is a short-tempered individual and he always tries to control his rage. But if he cannot the opposite person will feel his strong rage and can evolve into a fight.

Draken is more mature than Manjiro. He acts sensibly in every situation and tries to control his rage. He takes care of Manjiro as a friend and shows affection toward him. He tries to hide, cover up, or solve the mistakes Manjiro makes.

Draken has the 2 most popular costumes that he wears in the series. He has a unique hairstyle where from the left his head is shaved and has a dragon tattoo. He has long hair which is braided neatly and some hairs left loose in front.

First is when he was with the Toman gang, he wore a traditional Toman Toppuku jumpsuit with a white belt and beige shoes.

The second is when he is dressed up in casual wear, he wears, White shirt, baggy black pants, a black long jacket, and loafer shoes.

Hinata Tachibana Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Hinata also known as Hina was the girlfriend of Takemichi. She is a very optimistic individual who always cheer up her colleagues to improve any bad situation. She has a strong will and a caring nature toward her loved ones. Takemichi loved her and is the only reason he wanted to go in past and save her from being dead. She was a strong women and can beat the crap out of any one who messes with her.

Hina wore 2 most popular costumes during the entire series.

First is when she was in middle school, she wore, a shirt with a tie, a mini skirt, a pair of long socks and black school shoes.

Second is when she wears a casual dress which includes a white dress with flower printed on it, a necklace around her neck and a pair of pink shoes.

Tachibana Naoto Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Are you ready to be a detective officer? Naoto is younger brother of Hina. Naoto is a detective officer who works in crime department. He is very determined and follows all the rules and regulation. He is disciplined individual who tries to protect her sister. He has a very serious look as all detective have. He has a average height.

Tachibana costume includes a formal dress which consist of a light red shirt, a maroon tie, a grey formal coat, a grey pant and black shoes.

Makoto Suzuki Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Makoto is a good friend of Takemichi. He takes care of Takemichi of his health all the time. He always has an urge to watch erotic movies and dream about it later in the night. In general Makoto is a good person and always being helpful for his friends and especially Takemichi.

Makoto often seen in the series wear a costume similar to what they wear in high school. The costume includes a long white shirt, a baggy pants and a pair of black and white shoes.

Kiyomasa Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Want to be a bad guy? Be Kiyomasa (Masataka Kiyomizu)! Kiyomasa plays a minor role in the series Tokyo Revengers. He is a bad guy with full of vengeance in his eyes. He likes to smoke. He used to beat and show anger to the people below him. He is a lead of the gang named after him Kiyomasa. But before he was in Toman gang. He has a big scar on his left eyebrow.

Kiyomasa was seen wearing a similar high school costume, which includes a long white shirt, a baggy pants and a pair of black shoes.

Takuya Yamamoto Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Costume

Takuya is a good friend of Takemichi. Whenever Takemichi is in trouble he always ready to help. He has an average height and has a sharp eyebrows. He has a long blonde hairs. He has tattoos on his hands and around his chest. He also wears a belt on his neck.

Takuya is seen in 2 costumes in Tokyo Revengers series. First one is a traditional high school dress that is seen in above characters.

In second costume he wears, a white t-shirt, a long black jacket, a black pant and white shoes.

Senju Tokyo Revengers Cosplay

Senju is only seen in the comic and not in the anime film. She is the captain of 2nd generation Tokyo Manji gang. Before that she was the bass of Brahman gang. Due to her attitude and hairstyle she is often mistaken as a boy. Senju is a strong follower of her principles and moral values.

She is seen wearing a casual costume which consist of a sailor like top with a red ribbon tie, a blue skirt, a pair of white long socks and school shoes.

She is also seen wearing a costume when she is on a gang duty which consist of a long coat with cherry blossom design on the sleeves, she also wore a sarashi underneath, a black jeans and a pair of black shoes.

Baji Tokyo Revengers Cosplay

Baji is a member of the gang named Tokyo Manji (1st Generation). He very loyal to the gang. He portrays himself as a villain in front of his friend but in reality he would die for protecting them. He is tall and thin teenager with a long black hairs.

When he is in gang he wears a costume that consist if traditional Toman gang jumpsuit with white belt and beige shoes.

When he is not in the gang he wears a costume that consist of a white jacket with Vanhalla printed on the back, a black t-shirt, a black pants and a pair of grey shoes.

Smiley Tokyo Revengers Cosplay

Smiley also known as Nahoya Kawata is a captain of 4th division Toman gang. Smiley is loyal to his friends and very much attached with his younger brother. He doesn’t want his brother to cry for anything. He fights very well with the opponents despite have a small body build. He respect and admire Manjiro Sano.

When he is on gang duty he wears the traditional Toman gang uniform (see above for guide).

When he is not on gang duty he wear a black and white jacket, a black shirt, a black pants and a pair of black shoes.

Tokyo Revengers Cosplay Valhalla

Valhalla also known as headless angel is a motor bike gang symbol which was created by Tetta Kisasi to promote Tokyo Manji gang. It was created for promotional purposes only. You can get the jacket from below.

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