15 Amazing Han Solo Costumes


Han Solo is an Imperial recruitment officer before that he was known as Cadet 124-329 when he was working as Imperial Cadet. Formerly he was known as Han, an Imperial recruitment officer given the last name Solo, after that he is known as Han Solo. He was a smuggler.

Han Solo was born on Corellia planet. He is one of the main Star Wars characters. He helped Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi to rescue the Leia Organa Princess. After that, he became the leader of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and defeated the Galactic Empire during the Civil War. He has become a famous and most loved character throughout the Star Wars Series.

Here we will guide you on how to cosplay Han Solo with the best Han Solo costumes.

#1 Han Solo Costume DIY

15 Amazing Han Solo Costumes
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There are many full ready-made costumes available in the market. But the quality of it is sometimes misleading. So it makes sense to DIY the costume to make it look good and perfect. Han Solo has worn many costumes throughout his appearance in Star Wars. This DIY guide will guide you to make the most famous Han Solo costume.

This costume consists of: –

Wig: – You can DIY your hair similar to Han Solo but if you do not want to change your hairstyle you can get a Han Solo wig.

Shirt: – Get an off-white shirt with long sleeves and with a few buttons on the top of it similar to the character costume. If you have a similar-looking shirt in the wardrobe you can use that as well or you can buy it from the above-given sponsored link.

Vest: – Get the Black vest which has several pockets on the front of it, similar to the Character Han Solo. The vest looks cool and goes along with the costume.

Pant: – Get a Dark Blue Pant with red lines along the side of the pants. These pants have survived a lot of Han Solo adventures.

Boots: – A man on a dangerous adventure needs a good pair of knee-high black boots to keep up with the adventure.

Brown Belt: – When you are always out on an adventure like Han Solo you will require a belt to hold your pants well. Along with the belt, you will need a gun holster to hold your gun where ever you go.

Gun Prop: – Of course, an empty gun holster does not make sense, so get a Han Solo blaster prop.

#2 Han Solo Iconic Costume for Adult Men

Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

This Iconic Han Solo costume was first seen in Star Wars – A New Hope trilogy (1977). This is the oldest and most loved costume loved by Star Wars Han Solo fans around the world. He was first introduced in star wars in the year 1977. Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca transported Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, and R2-D2 from Tatooine to Alderaan on his ship. Han was in a huge amount of debt from Jabba The Hutt. Jabba The Hutt has set a bounty amount on Han Solo’s head. He wanted to Han Solo be dead or alive. A bounty hunter Greedo has attempted to bring Han Solo in front of Jabba the Hutt. But Han Solo shoots the Greedo and escapes from the situation and he left Tatooine.

#3 Han Solo Hoth Costume

Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

On the frozen planet called Hoth Han Solo was serving the Rebel base. Once Luke and Han Solo went out on patrol they saw a meteor shower. Seeing that Luke got excited and went to investigate the meteor. Han on other hand did not have any interest in investigating the meteor and he left Luke alone. After reaching home he told his wife Leia that he want to go back to Tatooine and pay the debt he owes to Jabba the Hutt. When he was leaving he was informed that Luke did not return home from the patrol. Then Han Solo remembers that he went to investigate the fallen meteor and he must be in trouble. Han Solo went out alone to the location where Luke went to investigate the meteor. He saw Luke in trouble and he help him to get out of it and they both returned home safely.

#4 Han Solo Iconic Costume for Adult Women

Han Solo Costume for Adult Women

During leaving Tatooine, Han Solo decided to give a ride to Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, and R2-D2. But during his travel, they were attacked by Imperial Stroptroopers but they managed to escape by accelerating their spaceship to light speed.

This is a female version of the Han Solo Costume. The female fans of Han Solo can get this costume for cosplay and Halloween parties.

This costume for women includes a white shirt a black jacket, a leggings with fake belt, and a fake gun holster. The only downside of this costume is the belt and gun holster are not real. But you can buy it separately anyway.

#5 Inflatable Han Solo Carbonite Costume for Adult

Inflatable Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

In Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo and his team, unfortunately, end up in Cloud City of Bespin systems for spaceship repairs and some shelter from his friend named Lando who was the city administrator. But Fett had arrived before they do and alerted the empire about the arrival of the Han Solo. When Han reached his friend Lando, Lando betrayed Han Solo despite being an old friend and gave Han Solo and his team to the empire. On the other hand, Vader wanted to capture Luke and take him to Bespin. So he decided to torture Han by freezing him in Carbonite. After that Fett took his frozen body to Jabba the Hutt to collect the bounty. After that Jabba showcased frozen Han at his favorite place. Later Laie and the whole company killed Jabba and escaped Han from the situation.

#6 Simple Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

When Han Solo and his company reached Alderaan, they discovered that the planet was destroyed by the empire. The falcon was captured and kept within the death star. Han and the company also saw that a moon-sized space station was built by the empire. By wearing stormtrooper’s costumes they sneaked inside the station. There’s when they first time saw the princess, Leia. Leia was in prison onboard. Luke brided Han for a great amount of money to save and escape the Leia. They successfully rescued Leia and escaped from the station but in that process, Obi-Wan was killed.

This is a simple Han Solo Costume. This costume contains a white shirt, a black jacket, a blue pants with a red stripe along the side. The pant covers the leg till the toes where the bottom half of the pant acts as boots. This costume does not include a belt, a prop gun, or a gun holster.

#7 Han Solo Iconic Costume for Adult Toddler

Han Solo Costume for toddler kids

Toddlers can be mischievous, and so is the Han Solo. Your kid may still not have a Blaster gun nor he still has his own ship but he will soon one day. Han Solo must have been mischievous in his childhood. The more mischievous the child is more the chances of being a smuggler (humor). Being a smuggler and owing a debt to the Jabba the Hutt is a bad idea.

If you are planning on Halloween or Cosplay to wear a Star Wars family costume including your kids, your spouse, and your dog then this Han Solo Toddler costume is perfect for your child.

This costume consists of a jumpsuit which will act as a Han Solo’s shirt and pant with a belt and gun hostler printed on it. jumpsuits are perfect for toddlers. This jumpsuit also has an access to change the diapers of your child. Apart from the jumpsuit, it has a black iconic Han Solo jacket with fake pockets on it. Shoes are not included.

#8 Simple Han Solo Costume for Kids

Han Solo Costume for kids

This little Han Solo is getting ready to save the Galaxy from the cruel empire. It will be a long and adventurous journey for him. He may meet Jabba the Hutt later in his life who will offer a bounty prize on his head. But he will defeat him because he is getting stronger day by day just like Han Solo in Star Wars. He will also defeat the empire and save his friends from it. He will with his friend will defeat all the cruelty in his life just like Han Solo did with his friend Luke.

This Han Solo kid’s costume includes a cream color shirt and a black jacket that is attached to the cream shirt. The jacket has useable pockets, not like the above toddler costume. The Blue pants have a red stip along both sides and the boots are attached with the pants.

#9 Star Wars Han Solo Cosplay Costume

Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

This Han Solo costume first appeared in the movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. This film shows the events of Han Solo before the original Star Wars trilogy that was released in the year 1977. This movie, “Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in the year 2018.

This movie features a young Han Solo who lives on a planet called Corellia. The age of young Han was 19 years old in this movie. He was shown Orphan in the movie. Back then he had a lover called Qi’ra. They both stole the sample of coaxium. While escaping from the white worms army gang they bribed the imperial officer with the coaxium to escape from the planet. In the process, Qi’ra got caught and could not board with Han Solo. Then Han promised Qi’ra that he will come back for her. He then joined the army of the imperial as a cadet. At this stage, Han had no surname until an imperial officer gave him the surname Solo.

This costume includes a cool brown colored jacket with a shirt attached to it. This brown jacket act as a pullover shirt. The pants remain the same as the iconic costume above with the red strip going along both sides. The Boots are attached to the pants. The belt and holster are printed and not real.

#10 Another Simple Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

This is another simple Han Solo costume. This costume includes a cream-colored shirt with a V opening near the chest. The vest on this costume is attached to the shirt. The iconic pants have elastic on them with a zip. The Boots cover is attached to the pant.

After Han Solo successfully transports Leia, Luke, R2-D2, and C-3PO, Han and his co-pilot Chewbacca receive a good payment from the Rebel Alliance. After that Han decided to leave. Luke tried to convince Han to stay with them and help the Rebel Alliance to attack the Death Star. But initially, Han refused Luke’s offer but later Han decided to help Luke to win the battle. Han Solo helped Luke and destroyed the Death Star.

#11 Han Solo The Force Awakens Costume

Old Han Solo Costume for Adult Men

This Han Solo costume was first seen in the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

After the trilogy’s last episode, 30 years has been passed and Han returns as an old man. He is still a smuggler. It is shown in the film that Han has lost his ship called Millennium Falcon. As the film progresses they were able to recapture their ship from stormtroopers after it was dispatched from the planet called Jakku.

In these 30 years, Han Solo’s costume has changed a lot.

This costume consists of a brown leather jacket which looks cool in my opinion. A classic cream-colored shirt with a few buttons on it till the chest. A brown-colored pants. A brown belt with a holster attached. A thigh belt is also included. Boots are also included in this costume.

#12 Han Solo Grey Wig

Grey Han Solo Wig Cosplay

Han returned to the star wars movie after 30 years. Thirty-year is a very long time and anyone’s hair can get grey unless they are time traveling.

For Above Han Solo The Force Awakens costume you will require a grey-colored wig, as Han Solo in this cosplay is old. This wig looks similar to the Han Solo character in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Get this wig to complete your Han Solo costume. This wig is made up of fiber.

Note: New out-of-the-box wig may smell very unpleasant. Air this wig out and the smell will away.

#13 Han Solo Blaster Gun

Han Solo Blaster Gun Cosplay

Han Solo’s heavy blaster pistol is a modified version of the pistol that was owned by Tobias before handing over to Han Solo. The model number of this Han Solo’s gun is DL-44 which was manufactured by Blastech Industry. Han Solo used this Blaster pistol throughout the Star Wars series despite more powerful and more advanced guns being available. This gun first killed Greedo and saved Han Solo several times. This pistol was first seen in the 1977 Star Wars trilogy called Star Wars: A New Hope. This pistol gives just above average firepower and it has excellent accuracy. Maybe that is the reason Han used it for so long.

This Pistol is made up of plastic only for cosplay propose.

#14 Han Solo Wig

Han Solo Wig Cosplay

Han Solo during his young times had a great hairstyle which is still followed till now. Of course, a man with a great personality and a great human smuggler needs to look perfect on all occasions. This hairstyle was first seen in the original trilogy of Star Wars which dates back to the year 1977. A rough and tough man like Han Solo needs short hair and his hair is perfect in size.

For cosplay, you can style your hair like this without buying the wig. But if you do not want to change your hairstyle or your hair is too short to make such a hairstyle or you are bald then you must buy this wig if you are doing the Han Solo cosplay.

#15 Han Solo Leggings for Women

Han Solo Costume leggings for Adult women

This Han Solo women’s legging is Blue in color and perfect for DIY cosplay for female Han Solo costume.

This legging has a printed belt around the waist. The gun holster and the blaster pistol are also printed on it, so you are all covered in it. You just need to get a shirt, a jacket, a pair of Boots, and some attitude like Han to play a Han Solo cosplay.

About Han Solo Costume

Han Solo appears in Star Wars as distrustful and motivated purely by self-interest character. His primary mission is to gain enough money to suffice his life. Luke and Han disliked each other. After Han showed his bravery on the dead star and gained Luke’s trust and loyalty they became friends. Except for his self-interest, Han is a good man and always remained loyal to his friends and close ones.

Princess Leia Organa and Han had a romance that Star War fans loved it. Has will voluntarily sacrifice anything for his loved ones and friends. According to Leia, Han does not have patience and does not like to involve in any politics. Whenever things get hard Han runs hard from his responsibility, but then comes back to rescue his loved ones and friends after realizing it.

All the above reasons are why being Han Solo in Cosplay or wearing a Han Solo costume is worth it. Cosplay is one of the ways humans have found to show people how they feel from the inside as a person and how their personality is according to him/her and not what people think.

More Han Solo Costumes

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