Patrick Bateman Costume (American Psycho)

Patrick Bateman Costume (American Psycho)
Brown Wig
Black Suit
Bloody Axe
Fake Blood
Cassette Player
Short Brown Wig
Pinstripe Suit
Two Tone Shirt
Plaid Tie
Rain Coat
Foam Axe
Fake Blood
Cassette Player

Patrick Bateman Costume Guide

Patrick Bateman is a great costume idea for Halloween. Patrick Bateman was seen wearing a similar costume throughout the movie. The only thing that is changed in his costume is his shirt inside his suit. Patrick Bateman’s costume includes a brown colored wig, a pinstriped suit, dual-toned blue and white shirt, blue-colored suspenders, a plaid colored tie, black sunglasses, clear rain-coat, a foam axe, some fake blood, cassette player, and a pair of black formal shoes.

Patrick Bateman's Wig

Patrick Bateman’s Wig

Get this brown wig if you do not wish to dye your hair for this cosplay costume or your hair can not be styled as Patrick Bateman.

Patrick Bateman's Pinstripe Suit

Patrick Bateman’s Suit

Patrick in the movie used to wear this fine-tuned pinstripe black suit which made him look like a rich businessman.

Patrick Bateman's Dual Toned Shirt

Patrick Bateman’s Shirt

In some of the murder scenes, Bateman used to wear this type of dual-toned shirt inside his pinstripe suit.

Patrick Bateman's Suspenders

Patrick Bateman’s Suspenders

When Bateman is at home home relaxing he removes his coat which we can see wearing suspenders, but it is optional and completely up to you.

Patrick Bateman's Plaid Tie

Patrick Bateman’s Tie

Get this red and green colored plaid tie which looks similar to what Bateman wears in the movie.

Patrick Bateman's Sunglasses

Patrick Bateman’s Sunglasses

Bateman is also seen wearing sunglasses when he is not on the hunt for his next murder crime.

Patrick Bateman's Raincoat

Patrick Bateman’s Raincoat

Patrick Bateman is a cleanliness nerd, as he likes his clothes and surroundings clean. While he is doing a murder crime, a lot of blood splits everywhere. So to keep his clothes clean he uses a clear raincoat similar to this. Get this raincoat which looks similar to what Bateman wears in the film.

Patrick Bateman's Axe

Patrick Bateman’s Axe

Bateman’s favorite tool for murder is an axe. Get this foam axe which is full of blood stains on it’s handle.

Fake Blood for splatter

Fake Blood

Use this fake blood to splatter on your face and raincoat to make it look like you murdered someone recently.

Patrick Bateman's Vintage Cassette Player

Patrick Bateman’s Cassette Player

One of his favorite hobbies is listening to music and in the 90s cassette players were quite popular and Bateman uses a similar one in the movie.

Patrick Bateman's Black Formal Shoes

Patrick Bateman’s Shoes

Get these black-colored formal shoes to complete Patrick Bateman’s costume.

Patrick Bateman Costume Ideas

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About Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman is a main character in the movie American Psycho. Patrick is a young man who works as a businessman on Wall Street. He likes to make tons of money and he earns a lot. Listening to music and dining at fancy restaurants is one of his favorite hobbies. He also likes cleanliness around him. He has a secret hobby that very few people know about, that is killing people. He is a psychopathic serial killer. On first impression, he looks like a normal person who is a rich businessman, but when anyone finds out his dark desires their blood runs cold. The movie shows how much he is obsessed with his dark desires and also shows a lot of blood and killing of people. Patrick is an intelligent and brilliant person, but he uses his intelligence for criminal activities. Patrick used to murder a lot of different types of people including his colleagues and sex workers too! He use to torture and sometimes rape his victims. But the movie gets twisted when the people he kills come alive and Bateman gets confused and unsure if his crimes are real or just his imagination. He has confessed his crimes and wanted the punishment, but US laws do not punish the person’s imaginary crimes. Read more about Patrick Bateman and American Psycho.

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