Space Ghost Costume


Space Ghost is a fictional character that originated in the world of comic books and later transitioned into television. Created by Alex Toth and first published by DC Comics in 1966, Space Ghost has become an iconic figure in popular culture, known for his unique blend of superhero and science fiction elements.

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s alter ego is Tad Ghostal, a former superhero turned talk show host. Equipped with a high-tech power suit, Space Ghost possesses a variety of superhuman abilities, including flight, strength, and the ability to turn invisible. He also wields a powerful energy ray called the Power Bands, which he uses to defend justice and combat his enemies. In the original comic book series, Space Ghost patrolled the cosmos, protecting the galaxy from various threats, including intergalactic villains and extraterrestrial creatures. His adventures often took him to different planets and dimensions, showcasing the vastness and diversity of the universe.

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s popularity soared when he made the transition to television in 1966 with the animated series “Space Ghost and Dino Boy.” The show featured Space Ghost as the host of his own talk show, aptly titled “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.” This unique concept blended animated action sequences with real-life celebrity interviews, creating a surreal and comedic experience for viewers. “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” became a cult hit and served as a precursor to the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network. The show pioneered the use of recycled animation and surreal humor, incorporating elements of parody and satire. It introduced viewers to a self-aware and often absurd version of Space Ghost, whose interactions with his bandleader, Zorak, and director, Moltar, added an extra layer of comedy to the show.

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s enduring legacy can be seen in his continued presence in pop culture. He has appeared in various other television shows, including crossovers with other Hanna-Barbera characters and guest appearances on shows like “The Brak Show” and “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.” Additionally, Space Ghost has made appearances in comic books, and video games, and even had his own action figures.

With his distinct visual design, compelling backstory, and unique blend of superhero and comedic elements, Space Ghost has become an enduring figure in the realms of comic books and animation. His influence continues to be felt, and his legacy as a beloved and iconic character remains strong.

Space Ghost Costume Guide

The Space Ghost costume is an iconic and instantly recognizable outfit inspired by the popular animated superhero character, Space Ghost. This distinctive costume has gained a significant following among fans of the character and cosplay enthusiasts alike.

Space Ghost, originally created by Hanna-Barbera Productions, made his debut in 1966 as the eponymous host of the animated TV series “Space Ghost and Dino Boy.” The character quickly became a beloved superhero in his own right, known for his crime-fighting adventures in outer space.

The Space Ghost costume consists of several key elements that capture the essence of the character. The primary component is a full-body jumpsuit, typically in a White color. The jumpsuit is designed to be form-fitting and sleek, reflecting the futuristic nature of the character’s attire.

Adorning the jumpsuit are white accents, which highlight the distinct features of the costume. These accents are commonly seen on the chest emblem, wrist cuffs, belt, and boot covers. The chest emblem, featuring a stylized, ghost-like head, is a defining characteristic of the Space Ghost costume and serves as a symbol of the character’s identity.

To complete the look, a black cowl or mask is worn over the head. This cowl encompasses the entire face, leaving only the eyes and mouth exposed. The mask is often designed to resemble Space Ghost’s distinctive facial features, including his glowing green eyes and prominent chin.

Cosplayers and fans who wish to recreate the Space Ghost costume often pay careful attention to detail, striving to replicate every aspect faithfully. Some enthusiasts even go the extra mile by incorporating additional features such as LED lights to mimic the glowing eyes or by adding hidden pockets for added functionality.

The popularity of the Space Ghost costume has extended beyond the animated series and has made appearances in various forms of media. Space Ghost has been featured in comic books, video games, and even a late-night talk show parody titled “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.” As a result, the costume has become a staple at comic conventions, Halloween parties, and other events where fans can showcase their love for the character.

The Space Ghost costume is a cherished and easily recognizable ensemble inspired by the animated superhero character. With its sleek jumpsuit, white accents, and distinctive mask, this costume has captured the imagination of fans for decades. Whether worn for cosplay or as a tribute to the iconic character, the Space Ghost costume continues to be an enduring symbol of adventure and heroism in the vastness of space.

Below are the items required for Space Ghost Costume:

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Black Face Cover

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Eye Mask

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s White Full Bodysuit

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Yellow Cape

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Logo Sticker

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Red Wrist Band

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Yellow Sticker to Mimic Buttons on Wrist Band

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Black Wide Belt

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s Red Sticker

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost’s White Shoes

Space Ghost Costume Ideas

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Paprihaven 1358

Meanwhile, at the Mayor's office...

Lt. Kiick: Gentleme-

Space Ghost: Hold it!

Lt. Kiick: -en... Whoa! You must be Space Ghost!

Space Ghost: I am!

Roosevelt: It's okay Space Ghost, this officer is assigned to us.

Space Ghost: I see. Very well, at ease, Blip!

Lt. Kiick: Who's Blip??

Space Ghost: My MONKEY!!

Lt. Kiick: Okay... listen, there are metahumans headed this way with hostile intent.

Reagan: The fighting downstairs has been shaking the entire building!

Palmer: We need to get out of here.

Lt. Kiick: They're too close, President Palmer. If they spot us there's no way we outrun them. I recommend we try something very simple.

Reagan: What's that?

Lt. Kiick: We turn out the lights and remain very quiet. They may not check this room and, if they do, Space Ghost can engage them and, once he's got them occupied, then we can make a run for it. I have the exit route mapped out.

Washington: (thinking) I believe I can hear the monkey... right next to me...

spaceghost halloween parade halloweenparade greenwichvillage newyorkcity 2006 october2006 monarch

Photo Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr

Space Ghost And, Um, Someone

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Paprihaven 1348


Palmer: Man, I've always loved Coast to Coast!

Green Lantern: A talk show? You want this man on your security detail because you like his talk show!

Palmer: He's a space super person, like you two. What's the problem?

Green Lantern: And who is that invisible monkey? Don't think my ring hasn't scanned it!

Space Ghost: That's Blip!

Lina: There's a monkey? Where?

Green Lantern: It's invisible.

Space Ghost: With so much evil afoot we certainly have a tough job ahead, but I believe we're up to the challenge, friends!

Lina: Is it a cute monkey?

Green Lantern: It seems fairly cute. Now, listen, this is irregular but if President Palmer wants you, then you're in. But the team follows my leadership.

Lina: My leadership.

Green Lantern: What!?

Lina: One of your guys, Dr. Mid-Nite, took leadership of the joint op to rescue the Mayor* so we got leadership on this one.

Green Lantern: ARGH!!

Lina: If I give the invisible monkey a peanut, would we see it go down?
* Requested by Superman in issue 1289:

and fulfilled by Dr. Mid-Nite!

comic cosplay slc con 2014 fanexperience fanx slccomiccon slcomiccon

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Space Ghost Costume

Photo taojones2007 on Flickr


cosplay comicbooks dragoncon dragoncon2011

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Wonder Woman, Space Ghost, Captain America

halloween costume elvis spaceghost

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Halloween 2005

scotts halloween bash

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costumes cosplay spaceghost dragoncon dragoncon2005

Photo megadem on Flickr

Space Ghost

The voice of Space Ghost was also in attendance.

costume sandiego 2006 wicked spaceghost comiccon comicconvention flcl haruko furikuri elphaba sandiegocomicconinternational notmycat

Photo a bean on Flickr

Space Ghost & wenches

From L to R: Elphaba, Space Ghost, Haruko

costume cosplay fandom dragoncon dragoncon2011

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Space Ghost

costume cosplay bolivia superman heroes wallpapers superheroes eco spandex capitan

Photo hachevidote on Flickr

space ghost costume_resize

Wallpapers que hice para mi PC, pero ahora quiero compartirlos con ustedes, como notaran la mayoría de las imágenes son actores de mi elenco interpretando a algún héroe o de alguna de mis obras de teatro

batgirl spaceghost barbara gordon gotham batman superheroine latex dc newyork comic con october 2019 convention costume cosplay superhero ny nyc nycc

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Photo nolafilm on Flickr

space ghost and an A&R guy "looking for the next Winger"

halloween new orleans 2000?

square squareformat mayfair iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4cbd96fbadcd5481ed7a34a2

Photo chelseagirlz on Flickr

You can tell the quality of a Superhero collection by the inclusion of Space Ghost.

dragoncon dragoncon2011

Photo Scopi on Flickr

Wonder Woman, Space Ghost, Captain America?

2006 animextreme

Photo rafael_jannone on Flickr

Space Ghost

Space Ghost dando uma trégua com seu inimigo para melhor aproveitar o AnimeXtreme

Space Ghost Costume

Photo montgomery.lauren on Flickr

Space Ghost!

comic 09 con

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Rocketeer and Space Ghost


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Space Ghost!

Space Ghost Costume

Photo Fenryx on Flickr

Space Ghost costume_001

I bought a Space Ghost Costume

party costume superhero 57oakwood

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Space Ghost

costumes cosplay fantasy convention scifi dragoncon

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Space Ghost


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