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Vampire Hunter Costume
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In the darkest corners of the world, where malevolence thrives and shadows conceal unearthly secrets, one figure stands tall and relentless—the Vampire Hunter. With a heart hardened by sorrow and an unwavering determination, this solitary soul dedicates their life to combating the vile creatures of the night.

Born into a lineage of ancient hunters, the protagonist’s destiny was etched in the stars long before they took their first breath. As a descendant of the renowned Van Helsings, the family’s legacy weighed heavily on their shoulders. Trained from a tender age in the arcane arts and weaponry, they grew into a formidable force against the night’s terror.

Haunted by a personal tragedy, the Vampire Hunter’s past fuels their relentless pursuit of the immortal fiends. A lost love, claimed by a vampire’s cruel bite, serves as a constant reminder of the darkness that exists just beyond the veil of humanity. Sworn to eradicate the undead menace from the world, they embrace a solitary existence, forging alliances only when necessity dictates.

Armed with an arsenal of ancient weapons and encyclopedic knowledge of vampire lore, the hunter roams the globe, seeking out rumored nests and tracking the unholy creatures that lurk in the shadows. Each hunt is a deadly dance, with danger lurking at every turn. The hunter becomes an enigma, feared by both humans and vampires alike, their presence whispered about in hushed tones.

But amidst the chaos and violence, a glimmer of compassion lingers in the hunter’s soul. They bear the burden of knowing that not all vampires are soulless monsters; some were once human, condemned to an eternal night. These conflicted emotions stir an inner turmoil within, testing the very foundation of their mission.

As the story unfolds, the hunter encounters an ancient vampire, one whose age rivals the dawn of time itself. This powerful adversary not only presents an unparalleled challenge but also possesses knowledge that could alter the hunter’s perspective forever. The struggle intensifies as the hunter grapples with questions of vengeance versus redemption, and the fine line that separates good from evil blurs.

As alliances form and treachery looms, the Vampire Hunter must confront their own inner demons while battling the literal ones that haunt the night. Their unwavering resolve will be put to the ultimate test as they embark on a journey that leads them to the heart of darkness. Learn more about Vampire Hunter.

Vampire Hunter Costume Guide

Halloween and cosplay events provide the perfect opportunities to step into the shoes of a fearless, mythical figure – a Vampire Hunter. The attire of a vampire hunter carries an air of mystique, blending elements of Gothic, Victorian, and utilitarian styles.

When the eerie chill of October settles in, and the veil between worlds becomes thin, there’s no better time to embody the character of a fierce vampire hunter. If you’re an avid cosplay enthusiast or someone looking for a unique Halloween costume, this guide will help you assemble the perfect Vampire Hunter ensemble.

Clothing Basics

At the base of your outfit, aim for a Victorian-era aesthetic with a dark and gothic twist. Men could opt for a black or dark gray button-down shirt, paired with straight-leg or boot-cut trousers. For women, a fitted black blouse paired with a long, dark skirt or black leggings can form a striking base.

Leather Jacket or Trench Coat

An essential part of the vampire hunter’s wardrobe is a robust and protective outer layer. A black or dark brown leather jacket can add an edge of toughness. Alternatively, a long, rugged trench coat gives a dramatic flair and a nod toward the Gothic aesthetic often associated with vampire lore.

Combat Boots

A good pair of sturdy combat boots are a must, as a vampire hunter is always prepared for action. Preferably choose black or brown leather for a weathered, durable look.

Utility Belt

Vampire hunters are always equipped for the unexpected. A utility belt with pouches and holders is an essential costume element. Fill the pouches with mockup garlic cloves, small vials (which could be filled with red-colored water to mimic holy water or “vampire venom”), and other vampire-hunting paraphernalia.


For a headpiece, a wide-brimmed hat adds to the overall mystery. Opt for dark gloves to complete the look. Use old jewelry pieces like brooches, pins, and chains to give a vintage vibe.


No vampire hunter costume is complete without their tools of the trade. A mock wooden stake, a cross, or a prop silver dagger can be hooked to your belt. Remember, safety first—ensure these props are lightweight and have no sharp edges.


A touch of theatrical makeup can add to your vampire hunter persona. Consider giving yourself a slightly pale complexion, as if you spend most of your time stalking the night. Smudged black or gray eyeshadow can mimic the fatigue of endless pursuit.

Remember, the key to a successful vampire hunter costume lies in the details. Personalize your look with unique touches that reflect your interpretation of a vampire hunter—be it a scar drawn across the cheek, a faux silver bullet necklace, or a vintage pocket watch. With this guide, you can step into the Halloween or party spotlight, fully embracing the relentless spirit of a Vampire Hunter.

Below is the list of items required to create Vampire Hunter Costume:

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Hat

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Shirt

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Vest

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Trench Coat

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Pants

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Utility Belt

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Gloves

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Shoes

Vampire Hunter Costume

Vampire Hunter’s Revolver

Vampire Hunter Costume Ideas

costumes atlanta dragoncon vampirehunterd dragoncon2009

Photo featherynscale on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D

costumes 2009 dragoncon vampirehunterd

Photo novus_photo on Flickr

DragonCon 2009, Vampire Hunter D group

cosplay dragoncon dragoncon2017 anime vampirehunterd

Photo Zaptomatic on Flickr

DragonCon 2017 Friday-54

DragonCon 2017 in Atlanta, GA

sunglasses tattoo costume cosplay muscle bald comicon pinhead tactical daywalker bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon bladethevampireslayer ladyblade bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter nysaa 2013virginiacomiccon 2013virginiacomicon 2013vacomiccon 2013vacomicon

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

Pinhead and Blade

dragoncon2016 dragoncon nikond7100 cosplay fandom convention costume fun awesome dhampir anime awesomehair

Photo sctag1015 on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D

comics costume san sandiego cosplay diego convention costuming comiccon geeky steampunk sdcc

Photo uncle_shoggoth on Flickr

Steampunk Vampire Hunters

dragoncon dragon con comic video game tv movie costuming cosplay costume atlanta ga labor day potter

Photo heathervesta on Flickr

vampire hunter d

Dragon Con 2016

costumes photoshop cosplay otakon 2012 katrin steampunk moviecharactercostume

Photo greyloch on Flickr

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Ole "Honest" Abe keeping America safe from the vampire scourge!! Although, in this case, my money's on the vamp winning. 😉

Tech stuff: dimmed down the windows via exposure layer; added a B&W sepia-toned layer on the background and masked out everything except for the carpeting (hideous colors!) and Abe's shirt (it looked better with the sepia tones).

costumes portrait cosplay anaheim comiccon halloweencostumes wondercon comicconinternational costumeideas comicconcostumes halloweencostumeideas abrahamlincolnvampirehunter wondercon2012 wonderconcostumes wonderconcostumes2012 wondercon2012costumes

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

lighting camera portrait people man anime lens costume unitedstates northcarolina raleigh cosplayer onlocation sciencefictionconvention strobe animazement wakecounty postprocessing canoncamera snoot vampirehunterd tamronlens downtownraleigh modifiers beautydish radiotrigger niksoftware geocity camera:make=canon exif:make=canon canon5dmkiii canon430exii canonstrobe geostate geocountrys exif:focallength=105mm exif:aperture=ƒ35 colorefexpro4 exif:model=canoneos5dmarkiii camera:model=canoneos5dmarkiii honl8inchgoldsilverspeedsnoot yn622c tamron70200f28vc exif:lens=tamronsp70200mmf28divcusda009 phottixlunacollapsiblebeautydish exif:isospeed=200 christophercully animazement2014

Photo Paul Cory on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D, #2

Taken at Animazement in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cosplayer: Christopher Cully

Lighting: speed light in a Phootix Luna beauty dish, lying on the ground, camera, left, firing up. Another speed light in a Honl gold snoot is camera right, providing rim and separation.

atlanta cemetery ga sheriff steampunk atlantaphotomeetup oaklandcemetery2012 moondanceent

Photo WinPins on Flickr

Steampunk Vampire Hunter

Photo by Bobby Campbell (
I modeled this costume for a photo shoot at the Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta
I've got:
Keys to the Jail around my neck
Test Tubes full of Truth Serum
Bullets and Guns on my Holster
Watch to Keep Time
Weapons for Retrieval of Prisoners
Watch out Bad Guys!

sunglasses costume cosplay comicon wizardworld wesleysnipes daywalker bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon bladethevampireslayer bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter 2015wizardworldphilly 2015wizardworldphiladelphia

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

Blade: The Vampire Hunter

atlanta hot anime sexy georgia costume skin cosplay mature fantasy convention scifi characters 2009 con dragoncon laborday dcon dragoncon2009

Photo walkerspace on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D - Dragon*Con 2009

hall costume contest 2009 dragoncon dragoncon2009

Photo dragoncon (2006 - 2009) on Flickr

405 Steam Punk Vampire Hunters

Dragon*Con 2009, Hall Costume Contest, official photo

costume cosplay vampire superhero blade comicon wizardworld daywalker bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon wizardentertainment bladethevampireslayer bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter wizardworldphiladelphia2015

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

Blade, The Vampire Hunter

party halloween vampire hunter

Photo andrew.larimer on Flickr

Marty, the vampire hunter, takes a shot of holy water

steampunk monstermash

Photo Alasdair Richmond on Flickr

Vampire Hat (In Situ)

Final entry from the field journals of Dr. Obadiah Lungerope:
"Feb. 12th, 1863. Whether it be instinct, sixth-sense or seasoned hunter's well-honed intuition, I have the very definite impression that I am at last drawing near the end of my long quest for Barsetshire's dreaded Vampire Hat-Impersonator ..."
(Many thanks to Eric and Brenda for the magnifying class and the vampire's moustache.)

sunglasses tattoo costume cosplay muscle bald comicon whitetiger tactical wizardworldphilly daywalker wizardworldphiladelphia bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon philadelphiacomicon bladethevampireslayer philadelphiacomiccon bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter wizardworldphiladelphia2012 philadelphiacomiccon2012 philadelphiacomicon2012 cenadra07

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

The White Tiger and Blade

"Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?"

Punk: "Well, actually I do, I do feel lucky, thank you very much!"

renfaire bristolrenaissancefaire

Photo Pahz on Flickr

Vampire Hunter

Our friend, Mad Davey, and my daughter Christine.

tattoo costume cosplay muscle bald superhero comicon tactical daywalker kirkjones bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon bladethevampireslayer bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter 2012newyorkcomiccon 2012newyorkcomicon 2012nycc kirkstickyfingazjones newyorkcomicconanimefestival

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

Blade Fan at 2012 New York Comic Con

Vampire Hunter costume

Photo pupucachi on Flickr

Khara's vampire hunter concept

anime pepper d vampire central hunter 07 2007 acen

Photo Seloy on Flickr

D and Pepper


tour cosplay d vampire guadalajara hunter 2009 gdl concomics

Photo Yami Herzeleid on Flickr


Vampire Hunter costume

Photo GundamGuy0 on Flickr

Katsucon 2010 D

Vampire Hunter D also took time off of his busy Vampire Killing schedule to visit Katsucon.

halloween vampire hunter

Photo flittergirl on Flickr

Sarah, Vampire Hunter

My Halloween costume for the party this year.

costumes comics cosplay convention scifi

Photo [photo]Matt on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D

hall costume contest 2008 dragoncon dragoncon2008

Photo dragoncon (2006 - 2009) on Flickr

124 Vampire Hunter

Dragon*Con 2008, Hall Costume Contest, official photo

costume cosplay charlotte d vampire hunter amano yoshitaka

Photo shiroi_yukiko on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D 3

costume cosplay charlotte d vampire hunter amano yoshitaka

Photo shiroi_yukiko on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D 2

Vampire Hunter costume

Photo costumemadness on Flickr

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter costume

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

costumes horror scificonvention scifantasy jewelstraite scificons cyphan chicagowestin

Photo Cheeky Actress on Flickr

Vampire Hunter....Vampire

seattle anime japanese washington costume play cosplay d vampire manga convention animation hunter con sakuracon 2011

Photo johnlu83 on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter costume

Photo ada2028 on Flickr

yaya-han-cosplay-carmilla-vampire-hunter-d-bloodlust (1)

costume awesome fx jetpack steampunk vampirehunter alternatehistory dieselpunk theatremakeup steampunkghostbuster dustpunk leagueofsteam

Photo Lex Machina on Flickr

League of Extraordinary Steampunks

From a recent shoot with some members of the amazing League of S.T.E.A.M!

Left to right: Lady Ameliorette Potts, Jasper Mooney, Crackitus Potts, Baron Von Fogel, Sir Conrad Wright III

We had a blast shooting this set. I really can not say enough about these guys, they are just fantastic. But don't take my word for it, have a peek:

UPDATE 4/6/10 this image is available as a limited edition glossy print

costume cosplay vampire sony marvel comicbookcharacter 2015 baltimorecomiccon comicbookcostume dscw230

Photo greyloch on Flickr

Blade, the Vampire Hunter

Originating in the 1970s, Blade, the Vampire Hunter.

I added in a slight, color half-tone effect to emulate the look of old pulp fiction comics and desaturated the colors a bit to give the image an old comic book look to it.

costume cosplay d vampire hunter amano yoshitaka

Photo shiroi_yukiko on Flickr

Vampire Hunter D

I love this pic, even though you can't see my face!

tattoo costume cosplay muscle bald superhero comiccon comicon nickfury tactical daywalker bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon ultimatenickfury bladethevampireslayer bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter awesomecondc

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

Awesome Con DC

tattoo costume cosplay muscle bald martialarts scorpion karate kungfu superhero comicon mortalkombat tactical daywalker kirkjones bladetheseries bladehouseofchthon albanycomiccon albanycomicon bladethevampireslayer bladethevampirekiller bladethevampirehunter kirkstickyfingazjones 2012albanycomiccon 2012albanycomicon

Photo MorpheusBlade on Flickr

2012 Albany Comic Con: Scorpion versus Blade


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