Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear (Inside Out) Costume
Bald Cap
Pipe Cleaners For Fear's Hair
Googly Eye Glasses
Purple Body Paint
Stripe Shirt
Houndstooth Sweater
Red Bow Tie

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Bald Cap
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Purple Face Body Paint
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Houndstooth Sweater Vest
Red Bow Tie
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Fear From Inside-Out Costume Guide DIY

Dressing up as Fear from Pixar’s “Inside Out” can be an imaginative choice for both Halloween and cosplay events. Fear, with his distinctive lavender attire and constant state of alarm, offers a fun yet easily recognizable look. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone looking for ready-made solutions, this guide will help you put together the perfect Fear costume.

The Outfit

Lavender Suit: Fear’s defining attire is his sharp lavender suit. Look for a light purple suit or tailor an existing one by dyeing it the right shade. If you’re on a budget, consider using lavender-colored body paint and applying it to required areas, can be a simpler alternative.

Houndstooth Vest and stripe shirt: Beneath the suit, Fear sports a houndstooth vest and a light blue stripe shirt. You can either purchase the vest or craft one using houndstooth fabric.

Bow Tie: Don’t forget his bow tie. Opt for a red shade to keep in line with the movie’s design.


Black Shoes: Fear has black loafers. While it might be hard to find the exact type, any dark shoes will do the trick. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even spray-paint a pair of old shoes.

The Look

Nervous Eyes and Brows: Fear’s eyes are wide and alert. Using white face paint or makeup, you can enlarge the appearance of your eyes. His eyebrows are perpetually raised, so play around with makeup to emphasize that worried look.

Purple Complexion: A light purple face paint will help you mimic Fear’s skin tone. Make sure the paint is safe for facial application and remember to do a patch test first.

Pointy Nose: If you’re going for an authentic look, consider a prosthetic nose or crafting one using makeup and contouring techniques.


Fear has a tuft of hair that stands straight up. You can achieve this with a purple wig styled upright or by using your hair, provided it’s long enough. Hair gel or a strong-hold hairspray will be your best friend here.


Gloves: Find or dye a pair of gloves lavender to match Fear’s hands.

Clipboard: As the vigilant guardian of Riley’s psyche, Fear is often seen with a clipboard, jotting down potential dangers. Add a clipboard as a prop to complete your costume.

In the End

Whether you’re attending a themed party, heading out for Halloween, or participating in a cosplay event, dressing up as Fear offers a unique blend of fun and challenge. The key is in the details. By focusing on getting the color palette right and paying attention to Fear’s defining features, you’ll ensure that your costume stands out and is instantly recognizable. And remember, while the outfit is essential, embodying Fear’s jittery personality will truly bring your costume to life!

Below are the items required to create Fear’s Costume:

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Bald Cap

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Stems for creating Fear’s Hair you can also use a purple wig or die

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Googly Eye Glasses

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Purple Body Paint

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Striped Shirt

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Houndstooth Sweater

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Red Bow Tie

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Navy Blue Pants

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Purple Gloves

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Fear’s Shoes

Fear From Inside Out Costume Ideas

costume tampabay florida cosplay character comicbook fl comiccon

Photo Howie Muzika on Flickr

costume tampabay florida cosplay character comicbook fl comiccon

Photo Howie Muzika on Flickr

costume tampabay florida cosplay character comicbook fl comiccon

Photo Howie Muzika on Flickr

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Photo timz2011 on Flickr

About Fear From Inside Out

Pixar’s “Inside Out” is a visual spectacle that cleverly unpacks the complex world of human emotions. Among the five key emotions the film introduces us to, Fear holds a distinct place. Dressed in a lavender suit and always on edge, Fear’s portrayal is not just for laughs; it’s a reflection of a crucial aspect of the human psyche.

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

At the outset, it might seem that Fear’s primary role is to anticipate threats and ensure safety. While this is true, there’s more to this jittery character. Fear helps Riley, the protagonist, gauge unfamiliar situations, alerting her to potential risks. He is the reason she doesn’t wear a shirt that could be the laughingstock of her class or touch a potentially hot stove. He’s an integral component of the decision-making process, providing a balance to Joy’s relentless optimism.

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

In the vast landscape of the human mind, Fear stands as a sentinel. He’s the personification of caution, highlighting that not every emotion we experience is necessarily ‘pleasant’ but is essential for survival. Through Fear, “Inside Out” subtly introduces its audience, especially younger viewers, to the concept of anxiety. The character teaches that it’s okay to be afraid sometimes and that it’s a natural response to unfamiliar or intimidating situations.

Fear (Inside Out) Costume

Throughout the movie, Fear’s interaction with other core emotions—Joy, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger—illustrates the intricate dance of our emotional world. While Joy tries to keep Riley upbeat and optimistic, Fear often collaborates with Disgust and Anger to warn Riley of potential social mishaps or threats. However, his most profound connection might be with Sadness. The two often find themselves side by side, especially during the moments when Riley feels most vulnerable. This union highlights how intertwined our feelings of sadness and fear can be, especially during the tumultuous journey of adolescence.

Fear” in “Inside Out” is more than just a caricature of the emotion. He symbolizes the protective barriers we construct, the cautious voice inside our heads, and the nervous flutter in our hearts when we face the unknown. By bringing Fear to life, “Inside Out” gently educates its viewers about the importance of every emotion, emphasizing that even those that make us uncomfortable have their rightful place in the tapestry of our minds.

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