Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

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This is a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a special Halloween-themed animation based on the comic Peanuts by Charles M. Scholes made. It first aired on CBS on October 27, 1966, in the United States.

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume
White Fabric Sheet
Black Paper Sheet
Fake Stone
Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume Ideas

DIY Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

A ghost costume is one of the most common Halloween costumes along with other traditions such as witch and devil.

The traditional dress, the simplest and simplest of all, is a white sheet with a few eye holes (and an optional mouth hole) to form a ghost dress. The price of the sheets has caused a sharp drop in this design for many. However, those with access to a thrift store can easily pick up second-hand linens from any of these places, though children should seek parental permission first.

Supplies you will require to make this costume: –

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume's white fabric

To make a Ghost costume you will require a white fabric sheet which will cover your entire body.

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume's black paper for black spots on the costume

Use black paper sheets and cut the sheets in circle shape. Then stick it to the white fabric sheet.

fabric glue to stick the black paper on the fabric

Get the fabric glue to stick the black paper on white fabric sheet. You can also use any other glue that you have in your house.

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume's brown paper bag

Get the cheap Brown paper bag or use any brown grocery bag in your house and put some random lines with a black marker pen.

Charlie Brown Ghost's rock

Use the fake rocks to hide chocolates inside it and can distributed to other children (optional).

That’s all you need to make a Charlie Brown’s Ghost Costume. Let us know how you made it in the comment down below or submit your costume story here.

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