Dr. Rockso or Dr. Rockzo Costume

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Dr. Rockso or Dr. Rockzo Costume
Clown Nose
Spikes for Clown Nose
Spandex Jumpsuit (Need to cut in "U" shape)
Furry Boots covers

Leonard Rockstein, better known as Dr. Rockzo (inconsistent spelling with “s” or “z”) is a rock n roll clown and does cocaine. In “Cleanso”, Dr. Rockzo not only used cocaine but also painted and used meth, heroin, painkillers, and oxycontin. In his words, “I did it all, boy.” He first appeared on Birthdayface, but Dethclown more accurately portrayed his character.

Dr. Rockso or Dr. Rockzo Makeup Guide

Follow the video to do makeup like rock ‘n roll clown. You may need following things for the makeup.

  1. Snazaroo Face Paint Clown White
  2. Kabuki Foundation Brush
  3. Airspun Loose Face Powder
  4. Cream-Gel Eyeshadow, Dramatic Black
  5. Eyeliner Brush Fine Angled
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If you are looking for Dr. Rockso’s costume and cannot find any luck, then you are at the right place.

Yes, there is no costume available for sale now on the internet, but we will guide you on how you can make one.

The above mention guide is easy one, you just need to buy few things and some things maybe available in your wardrobe. The below mention guide, will guide you to make the exact Dr. Rockso Costume but need more time and effort.

List of materials you will require to DIY this costume.

  1. Purple fabric paint
  2. Yellow fun foam
  3. Pin clasp
  4. Glue
  5. Bulldog spikes
  6. Pink spray paint
  7. Police officer hat
  8. Clown wig
  9. Clown nose
  10. Face paint artist
  11. Skinsuit neon
  12. Boot covers
  13. Pair of old shoes
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Doctor Rockso Cosplay Costume

Doctor Rock Costume Hat

Hat: – Buy a police officer hat online. which will do just fine to match the costume.

But if you want to make an exact replica of the hat, then use purple fabric spray paint to paint the material and pink vinyl to cover part of the hat, which you have to glue with fabric glue. Then you have to use purple fun foam to cover the black brim of the hat and to cover the trim of the hat. Then use light yellow fun foam for the accents and the police badge, which you have to attach to the cap using a pin clasp that has to be glued to the back of the foam.

Doctor Rock Costume Hair wig

Hair wig: – Buy a long synthetic wig online. To create the color blue, you have to put 70% alcohol and turquoise pen ink in the spray bottle and then apply it to the wig layer by layer. After air drying, you have to rinse the wig with cold water, air dry it again, and comb to remove tangles. This process has to be repeated a total of 3 times to obtain the final blue color. After the final bright blue color comes out, cut the wig to fit your head, tease the wig hair, and spray it with hairspray for volume.

Doctor Rock Costume Clown nose, face paint, spiked necklace

Clown nose: – Buy a professional clown nose online. Then use Plasticine in a Sculpey oven to get the tips. Make the tips with clay, dry them and bake them. Then attach it to the nose with Super Glue.

Face paint: – Ask your artist friend to make face paint for you or DIY following this video.

Spiked necklace: – Use two layers of bright yellow fun foam to glue it together for the neckband. Then drill holes and attach bulldog spikes using screws, washers, and Velcro to make the fun foam fit around the neck.

Doctor Rock Costume Skin jumpsuit

Skin jumpsuit: – Purchase a neon color skin jumpsuit and cut it in a “U” shape from the top as it is in the character. Then paint the black strips on the thighs.

Doctor Rock Costume Spiked wristband

Spiked wristband: – Again use a two-layer of pink fun foam and stick it with glue. Make holes on the band to attach bulldog spikes and screw it. Glue the velcro on the band to wear it.

Doctor Rock Costume Furry boot covers, Shoes

Furry boot covers: – Purchase the bright pink boot covers online.
Shoes: – If you have a pink pair of shoes then you are good to go but if you do not have then spray paint your shoes with bright pink color.

There you go, your Dr. Rockzo costume ready for Halloween or cosplay party. The fun part is, if you make this costume now you can sell it during the Halloween season to make some profit, as it is not available online.

Let us know what your DIY costume looks like!

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