Trixie Tang Costume

Trixie Tang Costume
Hair Band
Turtleneck T-shirt
White Skirt
White Boots
Eyeshadow Palette
Turtleneck T-Shirt
Short Skirt

Trixie Tang Costume Guide

Wearing a Trixie Tang Costume during Halloween or Cosplay parties is a great choice. Trixie is usually seen wearing the same costume throughout the series. The costume includes a long black-colored wig, Lavender-colored headband, lavender-colored eyeshadow make-up, lavender-colored turtleneck shirt, white-colored skirt, and white-colored boots.

Trixie Tang's Wig

Trixie Tang’s Wig

In the series, Trixie as a character was shown with long black hair. Her hair is straight without any styling. If you are not naturally black head or your hair is not long enough for this cosplay then get this wig.

Trixie Tang's Headband

Trixie Tang’s Headband

Trixie wears a lavender-colored headband similar to this.

Trixie Tang's Eyeshadow Make-up

Trixie Tang’s Eyeshadow Make-up

Trixie is also seen wearing eyeshadow make-up which is also lavender in color.

Trixie Tang's Turtleneck Shirt

Trixie Tang’s Turtleneck Shirt

Get this lavender half-sleeve turtleneck shirt which is similar to what Trixie wears.

Trixie Tang's White Skirt

Trixie Tang’s White Skirt

Wear this white skirt with a lavender turtleneck shirt similar to the character’s costume.

Trixie Tang's White Boots

Trixie Tang’s White Boots

Get these matching white-colored shoes to complete the Trixie Tang Costume.

Trixie Tang Costume Ideas

Trixie Tang

Photo Sah in wonderland~ on Flickr

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chile cosplay kanpai temuco temucoflickrs portaldelafrontera

Photo Kanpai Cosplay on Flickr


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chile cosplay kanpai temuco temucoflickrs portaldelafrontera

Photo Kanpai Cosplay on Flickr

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Trixie Tang

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About Trixie Tang

Trixie Tang is one of the main characters in animated series called “Fairly Odd Parents”. Trixie is the most popular and most beautiful girl in the school. Every boy in the school tries to win her, especially Timmy. She has a best friend named Veronica. Timmy has a huge crush on Trixie but Trixie never admires him the way Timmy wants. Trixie is a rich and famous child in the town. She does all the girly things like make-up, dressing up, etc.. but she also likes reading comic books which is considered as a boyish thing in the school. Timmy when converted into a girl by his godparent Wanda, became friends with Trixie instantly as Timmy by nature likes boyish things similar to what Trixie likes. Timmy’s feelings toward Trixie remained constant throughout the series.

Trixie also has some feelings towards Timmy but she cannot show it off, because she wants to remain popular in the school, as most of the schoolboys hate Timmy. Timmy impresses Trixie many times in the series but every time something comes in between Trixie gets distracted by it and forgets her feelings towards Timmy. Learn more about Trixie here.

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