Make Your Own Sophie Foster Costume (Quick and Easy Guide)


Fan of “Keepers of the Lost Cities”(kotlc)? Want a unique costume this Halloween or cosplay? These DIY Sophie Foster costumes are the ones you should consider.

Sophie Foster is a main character in the series named “Keepers of the Lost Cities”. She is not a normal human being. She is a genius, as she can read the minds of the people. The series of books shows the journey of Sophie Foster.

Sophie Foster wore different costumes in each book series released. The ones below are the famous costumes that people love around the world.

Sophie Foster Costume KOTLC Legacy

Make Your Own Sophie Foster Costume (Quick and Easy Guide)
White Skirt

This Sophie costume from KOTLC Legacy includes Sophie Foster’s blonde wig, Sophie Foster’s red-colored coat, Sophie Foster’s white skirt, grey-colored tights, a pair of star-printed socks, Sophie Foster shoes, and a black cape.

Sophie Foster Costume KOTLC Everblaze

Make Your Own Sophie Foster Costume (Quick and Easy Guide)
Blue Dress

This simple Sophie Elizabeth Foster costume includes a blonde wig, a look-alike blue dress, grey-colored tights, grey-colored gloves, Sophie Foster brown boots, and a black cape.

Sophie Foster Costume KOTLC Lodestar

Make Your Own Sophie Foster Costume (Quick and Easy Guide)
White Shirt
Crystal necklace

This costume is similar to Sophie Foster’s KOTLC Legacy costume. The only difference is the dress and a white long-sleeved shirt. This costume is one of the famous costumes of Sophie Foster that people liked.

Sophie Foster Costumes Guide

Sophie Foster, the protagonist of Shannon Messenger’s popular “Keeper of the Lost Cities” series, has garnered a substantial fanbase. Many fans love dressing up as Sophie, and it’s no wonder why. Sophie’s distinct style mirrors her magical world, making her outfit both unique and captivating. If you’re keen on crafting an authentic Sophie Foster costume for an event, or just for fun, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you do so.

The Essence of Sophie’s Look

Before diving into specifics, it’s crucial to grasp the underlying theme of Sophie’s look. As an elf with unique abilities, her clothing often reflects a blend of the elven elegance from the Lost Cities and the practicalities of her adventurous life. This translates to outfits that are both comfortable and chic.

Hair and Accessories

  • Blonde Hair: One of Sophie’s defining physical attributes is her blonde hair. If your hair isn’t naturally blonde, consider a wig. The wig should be long and can be styled into various hairdos as per different book events.
  • Teal Eyes: While hard to replicate naturally, colored contact lenses can capture Sophie’s unique teal eyes. However, always ensure you’re using safe, prescription-grade lenses.
  • Elvin Hairpins: In the Lost Cities, hairpins aren’t just decorative—they’re functional and can act as weapons. While you shouldn’t carry real weapons, ornate, silver hairpins can be a beautiful addition.


  • Tunic Tops: Flowy, long tunics are a staple in Sophie’s wardrobe. Choose soft colors like pastels or earthy tones, which reflect the serenity of the Lost Cities.
  • Leggings: Pair the tunic with leggings. They allow for movement, crucial for Sophie’s adventures. Go for muted colors to complement the tunic.
  • Boots: Knee-high leather boots are both stylish and practical. They’re essential for those impromptu woodland trips or navigating through the magical world.

Magical Elements

  • Ability Enhancing Items: Throughout the series, Sophie uses gadgets and trinkets to enhance her abilities. Craft replicas from clay or source them from hobby stores.
  • A Luminary: Remember that Sophie is a talented telepath. While you can’t read minds, carrying a crystal or luminary prop can make your costume even more authentic.

Attitude and Posture

Dressing as Sophie Foster isn’t just about the outfit. Her resilience, courage, and determination are integral to her character. Stand tall, exude confidence, and embrace the spirit of Sophie’s character as you wear her costume.

Final Thoughts

Crafting an authentic Sophie Foster costume requires attention to detail and an understanding of her character’s essence. By combining the right attire with the right attitude, you can bring Sophie to life. This guide serves as a foundation, but remember—personal touches and interpretations can make your costume stand out even more. As you step into Sophie’s world, relish the magic, mystery, and adventure that come with it.


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