Risky Business Costume


Risky Business is a 1983 American teen comedy written and directed by Paul Brickman (his directorial debut) and starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. The film covers topics such as materialism, the loss of innocence, adulthood and capitalism. Known as Cruz’s main film, “The Risky Business” was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $ 63 million on a $ 6.2 million budget.

Risky Business Costume
White Underwear
White Socks
Candle Holder
Magic Wand
Risky Business Costume
Black Shirt
Casual Coat
Jeans Pant
Black Sunglasses
Pink T-shirt Women
Jeans Pant Women
Polo Shirt Men
Jeans Pant Men

Joel Goodson is a main character played by Tom Cruz in “Risky Business” movie. Talking about Joel Goodson’s costume in Risky Business movie, he has worn a verity of costume through out the film. He has constantly changed his costumes in Risky Business movie but some costumes are funny and surprisingly very stylish till now. In this post we have included the the famous Shirt and Underwear costume which looks fun when cosplayed with friends.

Risky Business Costume Ideas

Risky Business Costume Guide

Costumes from Risky Business are very easy and simple, just buy the things of your size and wear it! no stitching no cutting.

Joel Goodson’s Underwear and Shirt Costume

Shirt: Buy the Pink shirt from above and wear it with out any sweat shirt. If you have any plain colored shirt in your wardrobe you can wear that also. It is up to you.

Underwear: Wear a fresh white underwear for the costume. If you do not have any white underwear with you then you can get it from above recommended underwear for this costume.

Socks: Wear a white socks and if you are going out for party also wear white shoes on it.

Candle Holder: Get and a candle holder and you are dressed as Joel Goodson from Risky Business.

Joel Goodson’s Goggles and Coat Costume

Black Shirt: Wear any black shirt from you wardrobe or buy a new one for this costume.

Casual Coat: Get a grey colored casual coat as seen in the movie worn but Tom Cruse.

Jeans: Wear a Blue colored Jeans Pant on it.

Black Googles: Get a Black Goggles to complete this costume.

Lana’s Costume

Lana was Joel’s lover from Risky Business.

T-shirt: Get a pink stripped t-shirt similar to what Lana wore in Risky Business. (It was difficult to find but we got you the closest one)

Jeans: Get a blue colored jeans pant similar to Lana’s to complete the costume.

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