Dress Up as Choso (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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How To Dress Like Choso?

About Choso

Choso is a formidable curse in Jujutsu Kaisen, possessing a unique origin and formidable abilities. He has a distinctive appearance, with long hair tied back in a ponytail and a series of tattoos adorning his body. Choso’s appearance is marked by his intense gaze and imposing presence, reflecting his status as a powerful adversary. In combat, Choso relies on his incredible strength and speed to overwhelm his opponents, using his cursed techniques to manipulate blood and inflict devastating damage. He is a relentless fighter, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and assert his dominance over his enemies.

Unleash the power and embody the enigmatic presence of Choso from the acclaimed anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen. Choso is one of the Death Painting Wombs, a group of three cursed spirits incarnated into human-like forms. He has two brothers, Kechizu and Eso, who are also part of the same group. Choso has a very powerful cursed technique called Blood Manipulation, which lets him control blood inside his body and create more outside of it. His talent with this ability is even better than Noritoshi Kamo, a student from Jujutsu Technical School in Kyoto.

Dress Like Choso

To dress like Choso you will need:

Wig: Begin your transformation with a jet-black wig that mirrors Choso’s wild and untamed hair, a signature aspect of his menacing look.

Outfit: Slip into a white robe that speaks to the traditional attire of Jujutsu sorcerers, adorned with a black overlay for that touch of mystery and power.

Boots: Step firmly onto the ground with robust brown boots, ready to face any curse or enemy that dares cross your path.

Body Mark Tattoos: Adorn your arms with body mark tattoos to complete your metamorphosis into this formidable cursed womb death painting.

Every piece is essential in capturing the essence of Choso’s character – his strength, enigma, and dark elegance. So why wait? Dive deep into the world of curses and sorcerers; become Choso!

Choso Costume Ideas


Choso cosplay !! I dont think he really suits me but i still like this! #jujutsukaisen #choso

♬ original sound – Onesexymothertrucker

The first half of the final part on making my Choso cosplay! I’m sorry to be pulling a AOT on you all here lmao but this video alone is already longer than usual so I had to split it 😅 ANYWAYS I am really happy with how it is looking so far! I can’t wait to fully reveal him soon 😀 This video was more complicated than most, so if you have any questions be sure to ask me!! #jujutsukaisen #jujutsukaisenanime #jujutsukaisencosplay #choso #chosocosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #jujutsukaisenseason2 #chosokamo #fy #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – Speedy sounds

Replying to @Revo is peak❗ AD | choso #hairstyle @hypic_global #hypic #hypiccreator #jjk

♬ sonido original – AngelXO23

so many people showed love for this cosplay today at mobicon which made the ~30 hrs I put in worth! anything for the best jjk character #chosojujutsukaisen #chosokamo#mobicon2023 #jujutsukaisencosplay #chosocosplay

♬ Is There Someone Else? – The Weeknd

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