Mr Clean Costume

Mr Clean Costume
Bald Cap
White Eyebrow Cream
White Pants
White Belt
Gold Earrings
White Shoes
Bald Cap
Eyebrow Cream
Belt with Buckle
Clip-On Earrings

Mr. Clean Costume Guide

Mr. Clean costume includes a bald cap, an eyebrow white color cream, a white shirt, white pants, a white waist belt, clip-on earrings, and a pair of white sneakers shoes.

Mr. Clean Bald Cap

Mr. Clean Bald Cap

Mr. Clean from his childhood was bald and as an adult, he does not have any single hair on his head or face, because he is Mr. Clean. If you have hairs on your head then you can wear this bald cap. If you are already bald then just shave your head to clean as possible.

Mr. Clean White Eyebrow Cream

Mr. Clean White Eyebrow Cream

The only visible hair Mr Clean has is on his eyebrows, because if he gets rid of that it will look odd. Therefore, to make his eyebrows clean he dyed his eyebrows with white color. Use this white cream for eyebrows to make it white.

Mr. Clean White Shirt

Mr. Clean White Shirt

He wears a slim-fit white-colored shirt. Buy a smaller size of this shirt if you want to show your muscle as Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean White Pants

Mr. Clean White Pants

He also wears white pants in the TV commercials. If you buy these pants make sure it’s not too tight on your legs as Mr. Clean wears a little loose white pants but not too loose.

Mr. Clean White Waist Belt

Mr. Clean White Waist Belt

Mr Clean also wears a white belt on his pants. This belt is similar to what Mr. Clean wears.

Mr. Clean Earrings

Mr. Clean Earrings

Mr. Clean wears gold-colored earrings on his left ear. Get these clip-on earrings as most men do not have ear piercing. Women wearing this costume can buy normal earrings assuming they have ear piercings already.

Mr. Clean White Shoes

Mr. Clean White Shoes

At last, to complete Mr. Clean costume wear these white shoes.

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About Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean also known as Mr. Proper, is a Mascot of the brand Mr. Clean. This brand is owned by the company named Procter & Gamble. As the name suggests Mr. Clean is the cleanest man on the planet Earth. He is so clean that he does not have a single hair on his body. Mr Clean is originally portrayed as a US Navy officer but people think he is a genie as he wears an earring on one ear and he appears magically in the advertisement similar to the genie. People like to call him Mr. Clean Genie more than anything else. Talking about his hair, the only visible hair Mr Clean has is his thick eyebrows, except that there is no visible hair not even on his head. Mr. Clean costume is perfect for Halloween-themed parties for the one who admires Mr. Clean’s Mascot.

As the name suggests, Mr Clean wears a full white costume as white is considered the cleanest of all colors. The only thing that is not white is his gold color earring which he wears on his left ears. He also has a big smile on his face. While you are wearing this costume at parties make sure you do not spill any food on your clothes as it is all white and Mr Clean hates stains and dirt.

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