Wybie Costume

Wybie Costume
Rain Coat
Hand Gloves
Button Eyes
White Paint for Mask

Wybie is one of the main characters in the movie “Coraline”. His full name is Wyborn Lovat. Wybie is an 11-year-old boy who is always seen as nervous and anxious. He is geeky and likes to make new gadgets for his self-help. He has a very bad body posture.

He is a friend of Coraline and he helps her throughout the journey. Wybie is the grandson of Mrs. Lovat who is also the Landlady of Coraline. He is a lot different from Coraline and Coraline insults him every time they meet. They both first met when Coraline was in the search of the old well. Mrs. Lovat had a sister who went missing years ago. Wybie believed that she ran away from The Pink Palace Apartments. When Coraline found out about the other world. Wybie never believed her. The witch named Beldam ruled the other world and wanted Coraline to stay in another world forever. When Coraline finally returns back from the witch trap in the real world, a needle hand chased her and Wybie came and saved Coraline by destroying the hand with a huge rock. Later they explained the whole story to Mrs. Lovat.

Wybie Costume Guide

The Coraline story has a spooky vibe to it, which makes it perfect for Halloween costumes. It can also be a couple’s costume when paired with the Coraline costume. The Wybie costume includes a curly hair wig, a white t-shirt, blue jeans pants, a black-colored long raincoat, a pair of black-colored gloves with skeleton bones print on them, a pair of black-colored shoes, a welding face mask, and button eyeglasses.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Wig

Wear this curly brown wig which looks similar to Wybie’s hair.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s T-shirt

Wear this white T-shirt inside first.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Pant

Then wear these blue colored jeans. If you have similar colored jeans in your wardrobe wear that one.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Raincoat

Get this Wybie raincoat which has a long collar and reflective lining throughout.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Gloves

Wear these black gloves which have skeleton bones printed on the top. Similar to what Wybie is seen wearing in the movie.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Shoes

To complete the costume, wear these black-colored shoes which look similar to Wybie’s shoes.


Wybie’s Welding Face Mask

Get the black-colored welding mask and paint it with a white acrylic color similar to Wybie’s mask. Use a white pencil to draw the outline first and then paint the mask with acrylic color, as shown in the video.

Wybie Costume

Wybie’s Button Eyes Glasses

Wear these button-shaped eyeglasses which will resemble a doppelgänger of the real Wybie.

Wybie Costume

White Paint for Mask

Use this acrylic color to paint the welding mask above.

Wybie Costume Ideas

halloween 2009 coraline wybie

Photo ** Gudenius ** on Flickr

Coraline and Wybie Halloween Costumes

Our homemade Coraline and Wybie costumes for halloween (I didn’t get a chance to add reflective stripes to my Wybie jacket yet)

halloween 2009 coraline wybie

Photo ** Gudenius ** on Flickr

Coraline and Wybie Halloween Costumes

Our homemade Coraline and Wybie costumes for halloween (I didn’t get a chance to add reflective stripes to my Wybie jacket yet)

costumes dragoncon

Photo PurpleWind on Flickr

DragonCon: Wybie from Coraline

Alex, my mother and I braved the insanity that was DragonCon. We were amongst a crowd of 50,000 people, spread out across four enormous mid-city hotels. It was overwhelming, we met celebrities and saw presentations…

cosplay may 2010 acen animecentral

Photo risette on Flickr

Wybie from Coraline

Awesome costume! The kid even looked like him!

costume nikon 9 jackskellington dragoncon nightmarebeforechristmas coraline d80 nikond80 dragoncon2009

Photo s5photog on Flickr

DragonCon2009 Child like heroes

yep its them… L to R
Coraline, Wybie,9, Sally, Jack Skellington

anime los expo angeles cosplay center convention 2009 lacc coraline wybie

Photo RayinSD on Flickr


Coraline – Wybie

portrait thread smile explore button frontpage coraline elites بورتريه tawfiq توفيق خيط زرار wybie إبرة wyborne وايبي كورلاين

Photo tawFiQ Dif on Flickr

Smile my Doll :@

as she made in Wybie face
in "CORALINE 2009"

محاكاة لما فعلت العجوز الشريرة في وجه وايبي في فيلم "كورلاين 2009" ـ

Sometimes they want to make us like little dolls. They want us to force…

anime boston 2009 coraline wybie

Photo @riesx5452 on Flickr


bugs premier coraline

Photo chantrelle1 on Flickr



Photo starfive on Flickr



Photo agentphoenix on Flickr

Wybie – Peter


Source: flickr.com

Joel with Wybie Lovat from Coraline | Heather Miller | Flickr


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