Night King And White Walker Costume

Night King And White Walker Costume
Night King Mask
Night King Dress
Night King Pin
Night King Hands
Night King Shoes
Night King Ice Sword

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White Walker Head Mask
Monsters Suit
Night King Suit
The Night King Pin
White Walker Hands
White Walker Sword
Night King And White Walker Costume
White Walker Mask
White Walker Bodysuit
White Walker Chest Piece
White Walker Skirt
Arm Gauntlet
Leg Wraps
White Walker Hands
Ice Sword

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Night King & White Walker Costume Guide

Stepping into the world of Westeros and becoming one of its most iconic and chilling characters is a dream for many fans of Game of Thrones. Whether you’re preparing for Halloween or heading to a cosplay convention, dressing up as the Night King or a White Walker will undoubtedly leave an icy impression. Here’s your guide to crafting or choosing the perfect Night King or White Walker costume.

The Night King: The Icy Overlord

  • Face: Begin with a pale blue or whitish base for your face paint. Emphasize those deep-set, piercing blue eyes with bright blue contact lenses. To replicate his distinct facial ridges and markings, use prosthetics or face paint with shadows and highlights.
  • Armor: The Night King’s armor is unique with its dragon-like scale patterns. This can be recreated using dark leather or leather-like material. The patterns can be hand-sewn or painted on.
  • Clothing: Opt for a dark, tattered cloak and layered clothing beneath the armor, resembling the rustic attire of the ancient First Men.
  • Weapons: A spear or sword made from clear resin or plastic can emulate the icy weapons wielded by the Night King.

White Walkers: The Silent Threat

  • Face: Similar to the Night King, White Walkers have a pale, icy complexion. Their look is distinguished by elongated features and deep-set blue eyes. Using face paint or makeup to elongate the nose and sharpen the cheekbones will enhance the effect. Don’t forget the blue contacts!
  • Hair: Most White Walkers sport long, wispy white or pale hair. A wig or hair extensions can help you achieve this.
  • Armor: The armor is less intricate than the Night King’s but still has a very organic feel. Leather, faux fur, and pale fabrics can be combined to create an outfit that looks both rugged and otherworldly.
  • Weapons: An ice sword or spear, similar to the Night King’s but perhaps less ornate, is a must-have accessory for any White Walker.

Tips for Perfecting the Look

  • Weathering: Adding a ‘worn out’ look can make your costume appear more authentic. Use sandpaper or paint to age and distress the costume.
  • Sound: The chilling sounds made by White Walkers are a part of their eerie appeal. Consider using a sound device or app to play their signature sounds as you move.
  • Body Paint: For those willing to go the extra mile, using body paint to mimic the icy veins and pale skin of the White Walkers can enhance the overall impact.
  • Group Cosplay: Given that White Walkers often move in groups, teaming up with friends can amplify the overall effect. A group can consist of multiple White Walkers, Wights, and even the Night King leading the pack.

In the End

Embodying the Night King or a White Walker for Halloween or cosplay is a thrilling way to pay homage to Game of Thrones. With attention to detail and a bit of creativity, you can transform into one of the most menacing figures from the Seven Kingdoms and bring a touch of icy terror to any event.

Items Required to Recreate Night King Costume

Night King's Mask

Night King’s Mask

Night King's Bodysuit

Night King’s Bodysuit

Night King's Costume Dress

Night King’s Costume Dress

Night King's Pin

Night King’s Pin

Night King's Hands

Night King’s Hands

Night King's Boots


Night King's Ice Sword

Ice Sword

Items Required to Recreate White Walker Costume

White Walker's Mask

White Walker’s Mask

White Walker's Bodysuit

White Walker’s Bodysuit

White Walker's Chest Piece

White Walker’s Chest Piece

Warrior Skirt

Warrior Skirt

Arm Armor

Arm Armor

Leg Wraps

Leg Wraps

White Walker's Hands

White Walker’s Hands

White Walker's Ice Sword

Ice Sword

Night King And White Walker Costume Ideas

dragoncon2017 whitewalker gameofthrones nightking cosplay

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greatlakescomiccon detroit warren comiccon costume cosplay whitewalker ape planetoftheapes

Photo Brian Sawyer on Flickr

june2019 comiccon supernova portrait guyclift blueeyes eyes square crop f28 70200mmf28 nikkor d850 nikon spotcolour selectivecolour face costume gameofthrones got whitewalker cosplay

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white game halloween cosplay halloweencostume walker thrones gameofthrones halloweenmakeup 31daysofhalloween

Photo amandachapmanSFX on Flickr

cosplay wondercon wondercon2019 gameofthrones whitewalkers whitewalker costume

Photo Kelson on Flickr

roberttorres robertt robert torres roberttphotography serrota serrotatauren canon anaheim anaheimconventioncenter wondercon wondercon2017 cosplay gameofthrones andrewchamberlain whitewalker got amielnoel daenerystargaryen

Photo Robert T Photography on Flickr

whitewalker winteriscoming gameofthrones winter white walke game thrones emcon nottingham comicon cosplay eastmidlandscomicon canon canon5dmarkii canoneos highiso 5dmarkii 5d mkii colour costume fantasy convention spear television series character fiction fictional drama horror evil villain

Photo Photography And All That on Flickr

night king cosplay makeup gameofthrone maquillage shooting

Photo Divine by No on Flickr

night king cosplay makeup gameofthrone maquillage shooting

Photo Divine by No on Flickr

night king cosplay cosplayer con thrones game hbo 2017 gaylord opryland resort convention center nashville tennessee

Photo Gage Skidmore on Flickr

nightking gameofthrones londonfilmcomiccon2018 londonfilmcomiccon cosplay anime film

Photo timz2011 on Flickr

san diego comiccon comic con sdcc sdcc2018 cosplay

Photo Docking Bay 93 on Flickr

"night king"

Photo Black Cat Camera on Flickr

thenightking gameofthrones got ukcgfdorset ukcgf anime film cosplay book comiccon comic cosplayer fujifilm xt3

Photo timz2011 on Flickr

nightking gameofthrones

Photo Black Cat Camera on Flickr

"night king"

Photo impactmybiz on Flickr

"night king"

Photo Alter-Ego Cosplay on Flickr

"night king"

Photo shuttertrigger on Flickr

night king white walker cosplay cosplayer con thrones game hbo 2017 gaylord opryland resort convention center nashville tennessee

Photo Gage Skidmore on Flickr

comiccon50 nightking sandiegocomiccon sandiegocomiccon2019 sdcc sdcc2019

Photo Han Shot First on Flickr

make up makeup fx gameofthrones whitewalker

Photo Veistim on Flickr

whitewalkers gameofthrones cosplay

Photo foodbyfax on Flickr

others sandiego comiccon 2014 gameofthrones asongoficeandfire whitewalker sandiegocomiccon2014 sdcc14

Photo erndb on Flickr

whitewalker got gameofthrones walker thronefest

Photo Black Cat Camera on Flickr

sculpture white game art tony bust walker anthony creature thrones sculpt colque

Photo anthony colque on Flickr

whitewalkers gameofthrones cosplay

Photo foodbyfax on Flickr

fanexpo fanexpovancouver cosplay gameofthrones whitewalker

Photo zemekiss on Flickr

san comic diego con sdcc 2014 sdcc2014

Photo amitrak on Flickr

sandiego comiccon

Photo KTL Photography on Flickr

"white walker"

Photo poochie311 on Flickr

costumes zombie comiccon gameofthrones portlandconventioncenter whitewalkers whitewalker portlandcomiccon2015

Photo eyepiphany on Flickr

"white walker"

Photo nataliemstevens on Flickr

game thrones exhibition belfast northernireland

Photo craigcallagher on Flickr

About Night King And White Walker

Game of Thrones, the blockbuster television series adapted from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, captured the imagination of viewers across the globe. Among the pantheon of characters and factions presented in this intricate epic, the Night King and his army of White Walkers stand out as one of the most enigmatic and fearsome forces.

Night King And White Walker Costume

The Night King, not to be confused with the Night’s King of the novels, is a creation unique to the HBO adaptation. This menacing character serves as the primary leader of the White Walkers. With his piercing blue eyes and stoic demeanor, he leaves an unforgettable mark on audiences.

According to the series’ lore, the Night King was once a First Man who was captured by the Children of the Forest. To defend themselves from the First Men, the Children transformed him into the first White Walker by thrusting a dragon glass dagger into his heart. This act, intended as a protective measure, bore unintended consequences, giving rise to the White Walkers and their relentless march toward Westeros.

Night King And White Walker Costume

White Walkers are supernatural beings of ice and cold. These humanoid creatures, characterized by their pale, almost crystalline skin, and haunting blue eyes, are formidable adversaries. Known to the inhabitants of Westeros as the “Others,” they come armed with weapons made from ice that can shatter steel and bring death with a mere touch.

White Walkers possess the ability to reanimate the dead, turning them into Wights. These reanimated corpses serve as foot soldiers in their growing army of the dead, marking a grim threat to the world of the living.

Night King And White Walker Costume

The Long Night is a significant event in the lore of Westeros, a period of darkness and cold that lasted an entire generation. According to legend, during this time, the White Walkers descended from the far North, bringing with them an unending winter. It was only through the combined efforts of the First Men and the Children of the Forest that the White Walkers were pushed back and the Wall was erected to keep them at bay. This event shrouded in myth and mystery, serves as a harrowing backdrop to the White Walkers’ resurgence in the series.

The Night King and White Walkers add layers of suspense and supernatural dread to Game of Thrones. These characters underscore the series’ recurrent theme of unity in the face of overwhelming odds. While they serve as a looming external threat, they symbolize the internal conflicts and political intrigues plaguing the Seven Kingdoms.

In a tale brimming with dragons, political machinations, and epic battles, the icy menace of the Night King and his White Walkers remains one of the most compelling elements of Game of Thrones, reminding viewers of the ancient and unpredictable magic that exists in George R.R. Martin’s world.

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