Mushroom Fairy Costume


Do you love Mushrooms? I love it too!

Mushroom Fairy cosplay is a great and unique idea one can think of and looks great on anyone who wears it.

Being a Mushroom fairy is great because Mushrooms are so much helpful to the human body as it is packed with valuable nutrition, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Mushrooms are truly a fairy for human beings.

Mushroom Fairy Costume
Fairy Dress
Mushroom Hat
Mushroom Fairy Full Dress
Learn How to make Mushroom Fairy Hat
Mushroom Fairy Costume

DIY Mushroom Fairy Costume

Mushroom Fairy Costume

White Dress that goes with a Mushroom Hat to complete the costume.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

Cute red Mushroom Hat that goes with the white dress above to complete the costume.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

Full costume with Mushroom Hat, Red Mushroom Dress and matching boot covers.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

This Mushroom Hat looks amazing in the wild with a kiss of sunlight on it.

Learn how to make a Mushroom Hat by watching this video.

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