Mushroom Fairy Costume


Do you love Mushrooms? I love it too!

Mushroom Fairy cosplay is a great and unique idea one can think of and looks great on anyone who wears it.

Being a Mushroom fairy is great because Mushrooms are so helpful to the human body as it is packed with valuable nutrition, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Mushrooms are truly a fairy for human beings.

Mushroom Fairy Costume
Fairy Dress
Mushroom Hat
Mushroom Fairy Full Dress
Learn How to make Mushroom Fairy Hat

DIY Mushroom Fairy Costume

Stepping into the realm of enchantment, where fairies flit about in the twilight glow and magic is but a breath away, we find the delightful concept of the Mushroom Fairy Costume. This unique costume combines the charm of mystical fairies with the whimsical touch of the natural world, giving rise to an imaginative ensemble perfect for costume parties, themed events, or just a day of magical play.

Inspiration Behind the Mushroom Fairy Costume

Fairytales have long embraced the image of the delicate fairy sitting atop a mushroom, playing flute, or basking in the moonlight. The mushroom serves not only as a perch but also represents a bridge between the mystical fairy realm and the grounded, organic world we know. By donning a Mushroom Fairy Costume, one embraces both these worlds, making it a favorite choice for those looking to add a touch of wonder to their attire.

Key Elements of the Costume

  • Mushroom Cap Hat: This is the centerpiece of the ensemble. Often made of soft fabric, the cap can be adorned with white spots, resembling the classic fly agaric mushroom. Some even incorporate LED lights for an added luminescent touch.
  • Fairy Wings: No fairy ensemble is complete without wings. Delicate, gossamer-like wings, possibly with hints of earthy browns or greens, complement the mushroom theme.
  • Nature-Inspired Dress: A dress or tunic that mirrors the colors of the forest – deep greens, browns, and perhaps a splash of red or white to match the mushroom cap. Embellishments like leaves, vines, or even faux moss can elevate the look.
  • Accessories: Think of ivy crowns, wands shaped like twigs, or even shoes that look like they’ve been crafted from the very heart of an ancient tree.

DIY Tips for Creating Your Mushroom Fairy Costume

For those who love crafting, this costume offers a plethora of DIY opportunities:

  • Mushroom Cap: Use a wide-brimmed hat as a base. Cover it with red fabric and glue or sew white felt circles to emulate the mushroom’s spots.
  • Dress Embellishments: Hot glue artificial leaves or moss to a simple dress or tunic for an instant woodland makeover.
  • Wings: Craft wings from wire hangers and nylon stockings. Paint or dye them to your desired shade and add glitter for that fairy sparkle.

Wearing the Costume

While the attire is a major part of the costume, the real magic lies in embodying the spirit of the Mushroom Fairy. Graceful movements, a tinkling laugh, and perhaps even a sprinkle of eco-friendly glitter can transform the wearer, making them the star of any event.

In the End

The Mushroom Fairy Costume is a delightful blend of fantasy and the natural world, capturing the hearts of those who see it and those who wear it. Whether store-bought or DIY, this ensemble promises a magical experience and countless memories.

Remember, the world of fantasy is bound only by the limits of our imagination. The Mushroom Fairy Costume is a testament to that, merging the charm of fairytales with the wonders of nature. So, the next time you wish to immerse yourself in a magical realm, consider the allure of the Mushroom Fairy.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

White Dress that goes with a Mushroom Hat to complete the costume.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

The cute red Mushroom Hat that goes with the white dress above completes the costume.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

Full costume with Mushroom Hat, Red Mushroom Dress, and matching boot covers.

Mushroom Fairy Costume

This Mushroom Hat looks amazing in the wild with a kiss of sunlight on it.

Learn how to make a Mushroom Hat by watching this video.

Mushroom Fairy Costume Ideas

autumn sunlight fall smile sunshine mushrooms happy wings dof bokeh availablelight fallcolors magic joy naturallight wreath fairy twig existinglight crown magical charlottenc glee fairywings twigthefairy lunahzonphotography

Photo lunahzon on Flickr

Joy. Happiness. Glee.
( – for us!

woman girl animal female fairytale photomanipulation mushrooms costume squirrel fantasy photomontage signpost deviantart teaparty whimsical aliceinwonderland hatter mmchallenge faestock rubystreasurechallenge

Photo Cat Girl 007 on Flickr

What is the Hatter with Me?

"You used to be much more . . . "muchier." You’ve lost your muchness."

Created for both 66th MMM Challenge AND Ruby’s Treasure Challenge 48

em5mk2 25mm14 strobist model lindsay cosplay wirehead mushroom flower wings fairy

Photo wirehead on Flickr

Invading the fairy ring

em5mk2 25mm14 strobist model woman girl lindsay toadstool mushroom fairy cosplay

Photo wirehead on Flickr

Dark fairy and toadstool

toronto ontario mannequin forest mushrooms wings downtown gorgeous fairy pentaxk1000 colourful windowdisplay magical thebay enchanted whimsical detailed cans2s rikenon12828mm fantasytheme queenstreetwestandyongestreet butnotbs

Photo Georgie_grrl on Flickr

Magic Forest

I love the window displays at the Bay on Queen right now …. such gorgeous detail!

I think this one is my favourite – her costume is fabulous and I do think that forest are magical in their own way.

anime japan glitter cosplay manga culture fairy lolita harajuku kawaii fans thewoodlands animecon matsuricon

Photo Calsidyrose on Flickr

Costume for Matsuri Con

Autumn Fairy–born under a mushroom, with shimmery wings and a leaf-bedecked frock. Bubble wands and other implements hang from her woven leather belt.

costumes party halloween ripley fancydress popeye

Photo eikzilla on Flickr

ripley, the mushroom fairy and popeye having a blast

Mushroom Fairy Costume

Photo Margaret Vickers Photography on Flickr

Children dressed in costumes (a fairy and a mushroom) at the Farmers Santa Parade, Auckland, New Zealand.

pink selfportrait me mushrooms diy costume handmade makeup dressup polymerclay fairy toadstool etsy faerie kryolan tangerined

Photo tangerined on Flickr

Hair shroomies!

I *love* these. I’ll be adding them (and many more!) to my etsy shop very soon.
Yeah, probably the cutest things I’ve ever made.

pink selfportrait me mushrooms costume horns dressup fairy etsy shrooms tangerined

Photo tangerined on Flickr

More Faerie Toadstools

mushroom streetphotography portlandoregon stumptown streetfashion mushroomhat mushroomcostume streetfashionphotography mushroomfairy halloweenfashion spiderpin stumptownfashion portlandcasual portlandcazl portlandfashion365daysayear portlandfashiontrends fallfashion2014 whitepatternedminiwithfloralhemaccent pleatedmushroomhat

Photo eyepiphany on Flickr

1762.2 Mushroom Fairy

costumes photoshop fairy

Photo GlamasaurusRex on Flickr

mushroom fairy

festival austin 2012 crazycostumes eeyoresbirthday peasepark mushroomhat festivalcostumes eeyoresbirthday2012

Photo inner.peace_4u on Flickr

Eeyores Birthday 2012 022

A Goat a Fairy and a Mushroom
2012 Eeyore’s Birthday

halloween costume contest virtual amphions

Photo Amphion Virtual Halloween Costume Contest 2010 on Flickr

#22 Stephanie Beaumont's children

The picture is of my children: Abby (9) is the fairy, Lorelei (2) is the girl gnome, Maggie (7) is the mushroom, & Rhett (6 months) is the boy gnome. My sister made the costumes.
Happy Halloween!


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