15+ Best Statue Of Liberty Costumes For Adults And Kids


The Statue of Liberty, standing tall on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, is not just an iconic American monument but a symbol of freedom and democracy. Given its significance and recognizability, it’s no surprise that many choose to emulate Lady Liberty’s likeness in the form of costumes for various occasions, from Halloween to patriotic events. Let’s delve into the elements and significance of a Statue of Liberty costume.

16 Statue Of Liberty Costumes For Adults and Kids

Women's Statue of Liberty Costume

$49.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

Show your patriotism in this Women's Statue of Liberty Costume! This exclusive costume is perfect for any 4th of July party or Halloween! Really there is a never a bad time to be patriotic!

4th of July Statue of Liberty Tiara

$16.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

Transform into Lady Liberty with this Statue of Liberty Tiara. It's the perfect way to celebrate your next 4th of July BBQ in style. Let freedom ring!

Statue of Liberty Costume Torch

$16.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

The eternal flame rests in your hand. Celebrate 4th of July in style with this Statue of Liberty Torch Accessory! Remember life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in your hand!

Miss Liberty Women's Costume

$39.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

Showing off your American pride is easy in this Miss Liberty Women's Costume. This costume will have you being the talk of the party. No one is more stunning and famous than lady liberty herself!

Statue of Liberty Costume Kit

$19.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

Light the way for freedom, justice and liberty when you get this Statue of Liberty Costume Accessory Kit! This will be perfect to wear for the Fourth of July!

Liberty Costume Set

$28.95  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

With this Liberty costume set you can complete your look as Lady Liberty! No returns accepted on crowns.

Plus Size Lady Liberty Costume

$49.99  in stock
as of August 9, 2023 3:21 pm

Have you ever wanted to represent America and freedom but couldn't figure out how? Try this Lady Liberty Plus Size Costume! Available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X.

Lady Liberty Costume

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

The adult Statue of Liberty costume captures the essence of one of America's most recognizable landmarks. While it's rooted in historical significance, its popularity transcends generations. Donning this ensemble is not only a nod to the past but also a celebration of the enduring American spirit. The outfit effortlessly melds the old with the new, making the wearer both a bearer of tradition and a beacon of contemporary patriotism.

Women's Classic Lady Liberty Adult Sized Costumes, Green

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

More than just a reflection of an iconic monument, the Statue of Liberty costume for adults carries with it a wealth of symbolism. It speaks to ideals like freedom, hope, and the embracing spirit of America. Those who choose this attire for any event are not only making a fashion statement but also expressing a deep connection to the values Lady Liberty has come to represent over the years.

Lady Liberty Plus Size Costume Green

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

There's an understated elegance in the adult Statue of Liberty costume. Without relying on complex designs or an array of colors, it manages to command attention and convey its message. Its charm lies in its simplicity, which mirrors the stoic and steadfast nature of the actual statue. This costume, with its uncomplicated design, allows the wearer to exude grace and poise effortlessly.

Statue of Liberty Headband Green

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

Steeped in history and symbolism, the Statue of Liberty's crown headband is a defining accessory. Its minimalist design, typically adorned with seven distinct spikes, not only showcases a visually arresting silhouette but also holds a deeper meaning. Each spike is believed to represent the continents and oceans, emphasizing universal liberty. When worn, this headband doesn't just complete the Lady Liberty look, it also transforms the wearer into a symbol of freedom, unity, and global connection, making it more than just a decorative piece.

Women's Liberty Torch Costume Accessory, Multi-color, One Size

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

The torch, an emblem of enlightenment and hope, is an essential complement to any Statue of Liberty costume. This accessory, often crafted with meticulous attention to detail, embodies the message of shedding light on the darkness and guiding those in need. While it primarily serves as a visual representation of Lady Liberty's iconic torch, for many wearers, it becomes a testament to their commitment to illumination, be it in thought, action, or principle. The torch, whether illuminated for added effect or simply carried, cements the ethos of the costume, turning the wearer into a beacon of inspiration.

Patriotic Collection Adult Statue Of Liberty, Green, One Size Costume

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

Donning the Statue of Liberty costume is more than just a fashion choice; it's a statement. For many adults, it's an expression of national pride, a nod to the historical significance of the statue, and a display of solidarity with the values it represents. In gatherings or on stages, amidst other outfits, this costume stands tall, much like the statue itself, symbolizing hope and resilience.

Girls Statue Of Liberty Costume Medium

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

The Statue of Liberty costume for kids offers a delightful voyage into the annals of American history. While the outfit's design remains true to the monument's classic imagery, it's tailored for the exuberance of youth. As children step into this ensemble, they become ambassadors of freedom and hope, narrating stories from a bygone era yet holding relevance in the present day.

Girl's Statue of Liberty Costume Medium

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

Designed for the boundless energy of children, the Statue of Liberty costume is a harmonious blend of comfort and style. While it stays faithful to its historical roots, it also incorporates elements that cater to a child's playful nature. It's as perfect for an educational school event as it is for a fun-filled Halloween evening.

Halloween Costumes,Children American Statue Of Liberty Cosplay Costumes,Party Ancient Greek Girl Performance Dresses.(Costume+Headwear,X-Small(2-3Y))

as of September 26, 2023 1:17 am

There's a certain magic when youthful innocence merges with iconic symbols. The child-sized Statue of Liberty costume beautifully captures this sentiment. It's not just about emulating an adult version but about giving voice to the hopes and dreams of the younger generation, reflecting an untainted vision of liberty and unity.

Key Components of the Costume:

  • Robe: The primary component of a Statue of Liberty costume is the flowing robe. This long, draped gown, reminiscent of a toga, represents the classical Roman influence on the statue’s design. Typically, the robe in costume form is made of a lightweight fabric in a sea-green or turquoise hue to mimic the statue’s unique patina.
  • Crown: The seven-spiked crown is an unmistakable feature of the statue. Each spike is said to represent the seven continents and seven oceans, signifying universal liberty. In costume versions, the crown is often made of soft or rigid materials like foam, plastic, or cardstock.
  • Torch: Lady Liberty holds aloft a torch, a beacon of enlightenment and hope. Many costumes come with a replica of this torch, sometimes illuminated for added effect.
  • Tablet: In her left arm, the statue clutches a tablet inscribed with “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI,” the date of American Independence in Roman numerals. Some costumes incorporate this detail, adding depth to the ensemble.
  • Sandals: While not always visible, many costume enthusiasts opt for Roman-inspired sandals to complete the look.

Symbolism and Significance:

Donning a Statue of Liberty costume isn’t just about replicating an iconic look; it’s about embodying the values and ideals she represents. Wearing this costume can communicate a deep respect for freedom, democracy, and the sacrifices made for these ideals. Additionally, it can be a representation of welcoming diversity, as the statue was a gift from France and stands as a symbol of unity and international friendship.

Occasions and Uses:

  • Halloween: As a familiar and respected figure, Lady Liberty is a popular choice for Halloween festivities.
  • Patriotic Events: For Independence Day, Memorial Day, or other national celebrations, the Statue of Liberty costume stands out as a symbol of national pride.
  • School Functions: Students might wear the costume for historical presentations, plays, or events highlighting American heritage.
  • Parades and Public Events: It’s not uncommon to see someone dressed as Lady Liberty during parades, especially those on patriotic holidays.

Variations and Modern Interpretations:

While traditional Statue of Liberty costumes are popular, modern adaptations might play with the color scheme, and material, or add contemporary elements. For example, some might use LED lights in the torch or crown for a modern touch, while others might use eco-friendly materials to make a statement about sustainability.

In the end, the Statue of Liberty costume is more than just a depiction of a monument. It’s a wearable emblem of some of the most cherished values and ideals. Whether you’re dressing up for fun, education, or patriotism, wearing the Lady Liberty ensemble is both an honor and a responsibility, reminding us all of the enduring spirit of freedom.

Statue Of Liberty Costume Ideas

bodypaint humanstatues bodyartist humanstatuebodyart statueoflibertybodypaintingzetabar

Photo humanstatuebodyart on Flickr

Statue of Liberty Bodypainting


bodypaint humanstatues bodyartist humanstatuebodyart statueoflibertybodypaintingzetabar

Photo humanstatuebodyart on Flickr

Statue of Liberty Bodypainting (11)

bodypaint humanstatues bodyartist humanstatuebodyart statueoflibertybodypaintingzetabar

Photo humanstatuebodyart on Flickr

Statue of Liberty Bodypainting

nyc newyorkcity square timessquare times statueoflibertycostume d5100

Photo m01229 on Flickr

Statue of Liberty dude in Times Square

nyc newyork manhattan cellphone timessquare statueofliberty ladyliberty impersonators nikon18140mm

Photo Photo.MisT on Flickr

Liberty on the phone

nyc newyorkcity woman ny newyork kiss manhattan flag americanflag shades billboard christmaslights midtown torch timessquare pedestrians crown statueofliberty holidaylights vornado

Photo UrbanphotoZ on Flickr

Loving Liberty

america statueofliberty livingstatue livemodel ladyliberty creativejuicegroup

Photo Creative Juice Group on Flickr

Statue of Liberty

newyorkcity travel vacation usa newyork canon paul unitedstates disney minniemouse themepark 30d themeparks worldofdisney canon30d disneypictures disneyparks disneypics disneyphotography statueoflibertyminnie disneyimages jonfiedler

Photo PeterPanFan on Flickr

Sept New York - Meeting Statue of Liberty Minnie!

Trip with Dan to New York City in Sept 2008

statue liberty humanstatues bodypainting bodyart amway anz artistry livingstatues humanstatuebodyart

Photo Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer on Flickr

Amway Anz Supertrip 2018 Statue Of Liberty, Human Statue Bodyart

Amway Anz Supertrip 2018

costumes statueoflibertycostume 4thofjulycostumes costumehubcom

Photo Costume Hub on Flickr

Adult Statue of Liberty

This Adult Statute of Liberty costume includes: a long gown, matching drape, liberty crown and matching torch.


Photo posterboy2007 on Flickr

New York City 2015

An afternoon in Times Square. Statue of Liberty posers.

newyork character timessquare statueofliberty ny914

Photo danimaniacs on Flickr

NY914 411

statue of liberty costume

Photo Hopkins-Nanjing Center on Flickr

Halloween at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center 2012

Statue of Liberty and V for Vendetta

statueofliberty twizzlers blogher blogher11

Photo Twizzlers Twists on Flickr

Statue of Liberty Saturday0145

birthday nyc newyorkcity vacation me statueofliberty

Photo cw3283 on Flickr

birthday nyc newyorkcity vacation me statueofliberty

Photo cw3283 on Flickr

urban street candid portrait streetphotography candidstreetphotography candidportrait streetportrait eyecontact candideyecontact streetlife henparty woman female girl face eyes expression emotion mood feeling fun funny humour humorous costume outfit statueofliberty liberty statue blonde group tone texture detail depthoffield bokeh party naturallight outdoor light shade city scene human life living humanity society culture lifestyle people canon canon5dmkiii ef2470mmf28liiusm color colour glasgow scotland uk leanneboulton

Photo Leanne Boulton on Flickr

Taking Liberties

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved

Candid eye contact street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!

nyc newyorkcity dog costume manhattan flag statueofliberty busker reindeerantlers

Photo bytegirl24 on Flickr

seasonal liberties

timessquare nyc newyorkcity newyork newyorkny ny blackandwhite bw street streetphotography statueofliberty costume

Photo THE.ARCH on Flickr

Tears for US...

Times Square NYC

ohio portrait halloween girl costume interestingness statueofliberty cacontest

Photo wiseacre photo on Flickr


More candid/portrait shots ...

blue people man guy smile promotion statue america liberty costume foam disguise government crown ladyliberty accountant ohsaycanyousee givemeyourtired taxservice yourpoor yourhuddledmassesyearningtobreathefree

Photo TheeErin on Flickr

Keep Calm and Wear a Statue of Liberty Costume

The New Colossus

portrait halloween sandiego streetphotography statueofliberty halloweencostumes downtownsandiego costumeideas sexyhalloween sexyhalloweencostumes sandiegostreetphotography gaslampquartersandiego sandiegohalloween halloween2012 sandiegohalloween2012 2012halloweencostumes

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr

Statue of Liberty

street winter woman girl liberty costume statueofliberty streetshot westernma greenfieldma libertytax msliberty statueoflibertycostume

Photo Maureclaire on Flickr

Ms. Liberty

Captured on the street in Greenfield, MA.... Ms. Liberty works at Liberty Tax; and her job is to solicit people on the street to have their taxes done there. 🙂

cameraphone school costumes halloween kids needstags

Photo Liz Henry on Flickr

statue of liberty costume

pirate, bride, statue of liberty, pumpkin

red ny newyork green kids costume fair mascot albany statueofliberty

Photo Coyoty on Flickr

Statue of Liberty mascot

nycc newyork comiccon 2017 newyorkcomiccon newyorkcomiccon2017 cosplay costume costumes

Photo gluetree on Flickr

Weeping Statue of Liberty

nyc statueofliberty timessquare manhattan midtown newyorkcity newyork ny tourist crowd pedestrian broadway theaterdistrict people urban city street woman candid portraiture outdoor paint painted person performer expression documentary photojournalism life culture hand arm glasses crown sin torch costume towering high up above stilts green liberty portrait

Photo Nathan_Arrington on Flickr

NYC 96


Times Square

Manhattan - Midtown
New York City, New York

vladimirputin putin donaldtrump trump ladyliberty statueofliberty masks costume shades americanflag backwardsflag ponytail ladylibertyaccessory partymasks maskarade onebillion americanexpress storewindow reflection partylights pokemonhat rabbit toytrucks paperflowers upperwestside manhattan newyorkcity newyork nyc ny

Photo UrbanphotoZ on Flickr

Vlad, Don and Lady Liberty

A better version than the last, I think.

2 statue liberty simpsons treehouse lard lad horror joker ghostbusters shoveler janine stay dragoncon 2014 puft

Photo captainsparrow on Flickr


Remember the Treehouse of Horror episode of the Simpsons when the advertising mascots came to life and destroyed Springfield? We do.

statue of liberty costume

Photo charliebellinger52 on Flickr

Statue of Liberty

Comic Con London 2017

street city nyc newyorkcity people urban usa newyork streetlife statueofliberty manhatten streetpeople

Photo deepchi1 on Flickr

LAdy Liberty 2

newyorkcity newyork usa

Photo matildasbilder on Flickr

Sort of Statue of Liberty

nyc newyorkcity costumes roses people usa newyork halloween thevillage village unitedstates manhattan parade statueofliberty halloweenparade newyorksvillagehalloweenparade

Photo rinaflies on Flickr

Halloween Parade 2008

statue of liberty costume

Photo andiea_f10_p2 on Flickr

Positive/Negative Space: Positive as Subject

The Statue of Liberty mime is the focal point of the photo.

statue of liberty costume

Photo jdlemmerman on Flickr

Mom and Statue Of Liberty

nyc newyorkcity portrait man tourism sunglasses star costume funny paint humor working makeup dressup statueofliberty decorate thebigapple thenewlife onstilts holidays2009

Photo Holly Ford Brown on Flickr

Lady Liberty's Gentleman

Everyone can have a moment of fame in NYC.

statueofliberty costume itaewon seoul korea southkorea rok republicofkorea torch mask statueoflibertycostume asia eastasia street streetphotography monochrome bw pb blackandwhite mondmann canonpowershotg7x grabshot

Photo Mondmann on Flickr

Statue of Liberty of Seoul

Itaewon, Seoul, Korea

theamericaground hastings independentsday 2016 event thingstodo commemoration america celebration statueofliberty costume

Photo Daves Portfolio on Flickr

Living statue of liberty

The America Ground Hastings Independents Day (Independents not a spelling mistake) 2016

women statueofliberty newyork nyc people costumes streets 365 photoaday protest demonstration

Photo greenelent on Flickr

two (2)

October 16, 2017: One more for the Statue of Liberty Collection. New York City


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