Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Costume
Cat Ears
Cat Temporary Tattoo
Cat Tail
Eye Mask
Turtleneck Shirt
Face Tattoo
Cat Ears and Cat Tail
Superhero Mask
Pullover Turtleneck Shirt

Pete The Cat is a fictional Cat character that was created by James Dean in 1999. James drew the cat and Litwin illustrated it with the text. They both began the partnership and wrote several books on the character. The first book was Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes. The book was first published in 2008 and was a hit in educational academics. James and Litwin’s partnership ended in 2011 after that James and his wife published a series of books on the character which made the character famous and a hit among teachers and students.

They are now selling books, songs, and printable activities in America.

Pete The Cat Costume Guide For Adults

In the first version of the book Pete the cat wears a pair of white-colored shoes which changes into red, blue, and brown color because some substance sticks on his shoe. Pete the Cat Costume includes blue-colored cat ears, cat face temporary tattoos, a blue-colored cat tail, a blue-colored eye mask, a turtleneck pullover shirt, blue-colored pants, and red color canvas shoes.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Ears

Get these ears and wear them on top of your head.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Tattoos

To look like a cat wear these cat face temporary tattoos which are safe for the skin.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Tail

Get this blue-colored cat tail and wear it on the waist.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Eye Mask

As the cat is blue in color, we will try to cover our body in blue as much as possible. So, get this blue eye mask (it is optional, wear it if you are comfortable).

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Turtleneck Shirt

Wear this blue-colored long sleeve turtleneck pullover shirt for this costume.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Pants

Get blue-colored pants for this costume.

Pete The Cat Costume

Pete The Cat Shoes

Get this pair of shoes to complete the costume. You can wear different colored shoes on each foot, similar to what Pete the Cat wore in the first book.

Pete The Cat Costume Ideas

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