9+ Best Raven Costumes For Adults and Kids


Dive into the world of Teen Titans with Raven’s iconic costume! Dark, enchanting, and brimming with power, this outfit blends deep blues and mysterious shadows. At its heart lies a mesmerizing red gem, a beacon of Raven’s mystical aura. Whether you’re headed to a cosplay event, Halloween party, or just feeling a touch magical, Raven’s attire is the ultimate choice. Channel your inner sorceress, embrace the allure, and stand out in any crowd. Wear the Raven costume, and let your mystique soar!

13 Best Raven Costumes For Adults and Kids

1.) Teen Titans Raven Women's Costume

$44.99  in stock
as of September 2, 2023 10:36 am

Become a part of the Teen Titans when you wear this licensed Teen Titans Raven Women's Costume. Put your purple hood up & practice your moody expressions.

2.) Teen Titans Raven Kid's Costume

$39.99  in stock
as of September 2, 2023 10:36 am

Now your child can become Raven from the DC animated series Teen Titans with this officially licensed Raven costume that features a black leotard with red accents, hooded purple cape, and matching boots.

3.) Platform Raven Comando Boot

$94.99  in stock
as of September 2, 2023 10:36 am

Step out and show out in a pair of platforms this season! These Platform Raven Comando Boot will give you the height and style you are looking for!

4.) Women's Costume Magical Girl Cosplay Fighting Bodysuit Full Set With Purple Hooded Cloak(women xl)

$46.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

The Raven costume, inspired by the Teen Titans series, exudes a sense of deep mysticism. The ensemble is more than just attire; it's a representation of Raven's intense emotions, her battles between light and dark, and her ethereal presence. When one dons this costume, they're immediately transported into the world of magic and intrigue.

5.) Raven-Costume Raven-Cosplay Costume Raven-Cloak Raven-Belt Halloween Cosplay Costume for Women

$35.98  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

This outfit captures the essence of Raven's enigmatic presence. It's not just about the colors or materials, but the very atmosphere it creates around the wearer, suggesting layers of mysteries waiting to be unveiled.

6.) Women's Raven Superhero Purple Short Bob Straight Wig with Widow's Peak Synthetic Hair Cosplay Wig for Halloween Costume Party Anime Wig

$23.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

The Raven costume wig captures the ethereal essence of the character's unique locks. This wig isn't just about replicating a hairstyle; it's an experience in itself. As strands cascade, they reflect the duality of Raven's nature – the calm and the storm. It's a beautiful amalgamation of fantasy and reality, enabling the wearer to truly step into the character's shoes, or rather, her mesmerizing mane.

7.) Women's Cosplay Costume Dress With Hooded Cloak Halloween Blue (S)

$56.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

Stepping into the Raven costume feels empowering. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and the power to overcome internal and external challenges. For those moments when you want to channel confidence and assertiveness, this costume serves as the ideal medium.

8.) Raven Leather Bodysuit, Titans Cosplay Outfit Full Set for Halloween Masquerade(Full Set, XS)

$38.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

Beyond the realm of mere mortals, the Raven costume is a gesture to the supernatural. It invokes a sense of otherworldliness, making the wearer feel as if they've crossed the barriers between our world and one filled with magic and lore.

9.) Raven Wig Teen Titans Short Purple Bob Wig Raven Teen Titan Costume Accessories Dark Purple Cosplay Wigs Heat Synthetic Fiber Hair for Halloween Costume Party (14-Inch)

$18.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

The Raven wig is more than just hair; it's a symbol of elegance intertwined with enigma. Its rich texture and hue effortlessly channel the deep mysteries and sophistication of Raven. It stands alone as a testament to the character's depth and allure, offering wearers a chance to not just look the part, but feel the essence of the iconic Teen Titan.

10.) Women's Anime Cosplay Waist Belt Stone Chain Western Belt Chain Belt Concho Belt Halloween Adjustable (Red Rhinestone Set)

 in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

The red gemstone gold belt embodies the crux of Raven's inner world. Its fiery gem resonates with her raw energy and emotions, while the golden band signifies the restraint and balance she exercises over her powers. Wearing this belt is a testament to harnessing one's inner strengths, channeling them with grace and poise, much like the enigmatic Teen Titan herself.

11.) Purple Hooded Cape Purple Cloak with Hood Purple Cape Purple Witch Costume for Women Raven Costume Women Wizard Robe

as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

The purple hooded cape from Raven's ensemble epitomizes ethereal elegance. Its flowing form dances between the realms of light and shadow, capturing the essence of a character that moves between worlds. Wearing this cape, one can't help but feel the weight of its lore and the freedom of its movement, transporting them straight into the heart of Raven's narrative journey.

12.) Raven-Cosplay Costume,Deluxe Jumpsuit Belt With Purple Cloak Halloween Uniform Cosplay Costume For Women,S

$42.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

Raven, as a character, has always been known for her intense emotional depth. Her costume encapsulates this emotional spectrum, making anyone wearing it feel a deeper connection to their feelings, both dark and light.

13.) Kids Raven Cosplay Set of Belt Jumpsuit Cape Stocking Accessories Cosplay Halloween Costume for Teen Kids Girls Aged 3-10 (Purple, Kids 3T-4T)

$35.99  in stock
as of February 26, 2024 6:31 am

Designed for the young and spirited, the Raven costume for kids champions the ideas of bravery, strength, and finding one's voice. Every time a child dons this attire, they're reminded of their potential to be both fierce and kind-hearted. It's not just a nod to a beloved character, but an ode to every child's inner strength and boundless imagination.

Raven, a popular character from DC Comics’ Teen Titans series, has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide. Known for her mystical abilities, brooding personality, and distinct appearance, it’s no wonder that her costume is a favorite pick for cosplay events and Halloween parties. Let’s delve deep into the components, symbolism, and evolution of Raven’s iconic attire.

Basic Description

Raven’s classic costume predominantly features a combination of dark blue and black colors. The core components include:

  • Cloak: Dark blue, almost black in some renditions, This cloak covers Raven from head to toe and features an oversized hood that she often uses to shroud her face, emphasizing her mysterious nature.
  • Leotard: Underneath the cloak, Raven wears a one-piece leotard, often of a deep blue hue.
  • Boots and Gloves: Both are typically depicted as dark blue, thigh-high boots and elbow-length gloves.
  • Belt: A red gem, symbolic of her mystical powers, rests in the center of a gold belt around her waist.

Symbolism and Functionality

  • The Hooded Cloak: This isn’t just for dramatic effect. Raven’s introverted nature and internal struggles are mirrored in the way she frequently hides her face, revealing it only during moments of vulnerability or heightened emotion.
  • Red Gem: Located in the center of her forehead when not in her belt, this gem isn’t merely decorative. It’s central to Raven’s character arc, as it’s a container for her immense power and a representation of the emotional and mystical restraint she must maintain.

Evolution Over Time

While the core components of Raven’s costume have remained fairly consistent, they’ve undergone subtle changes over time, especially with various adaptations in comics, TV shows, and movies. For instance:

  • Comics: Raven’s initial appearances featured a more modest, full-body costume, with the red gem prominently displayed on her forehead.
  • Teen Titans Animated Series (2003): The animated series streamlined Raven’s design, making her look more stylized and sleek, with the gem now a part of her belt.
  • Teen Titans Go!: This comedic take on the Teen Titans sees Raven in a chibi form, yet her costume stays largely true to the original, albeit with brighter colors and a more playful design.
  • Live-Action Adaptations: Shows like “Titans” on HBO Max have introduced a grittier, more realistic interpretation of Raven’s costume, reflecting the darker tone of the series.

DIY Raven Costume Tips

For those looking to recreate Raven’s look for events, here are some DIY tips:

  • Cloak: Opt for a long, hooded dark blue or black cape. If sewing isn’t your strength, a simple purchase from costume or thrift stores can work.
  • Leotard: Any deep blue bodysuit will suffice. Pair it with matching boots and gloves.
  • Red Gem: Craft stores offer an array of gems. It can be attached to a gold belt or headband with some adhesive.

In the End:

Raven‘s costume from Teen Titans is not just an outfit but a manifestation of her character’s essence. It’s a blend of mystique, power, and restraint, making it a perennial favorite among fans and cosplayers alike. Whether you’re a fan of the comics, the animated series, or the live-action adaptation, there’s no denying that Raven’s costume holds a special place in the DC Universe pantheon.

Raven Costume Ideas

awesomecon awesomecondc awesomeconwashingtondc awesomecon2017 cosplay cosplaycomiccon comiccon cosplaywomen comicconcosplay cosplaysexy raven cosplayraven ravencosplay cosplayer costume cosplaying womenofdccomics dccomicscosplay dccomicscosplayer ravencosplayer ravencostume titanscosplay titanscosplayer cosplayofflickr flickrcosplay cosplayfun cosplayphoto cosplayphotography cosplayworld cosplaycommunity cosplaylove cosplaylife cosplayway cosplaywow

Photo dcnerd on Flickr


Taken at AwesomeCon Washington DC June 2017

raven comikazeexpo2015

Photo Han Shot First on Flickr


cosplay dccomics raven dragoncon teentitans dragoncon2013

Photo Wrath of Con Pics on Flickr


cosplay eccc

Photo squidminion on Flickr


umc 2017 undergroundmonstercarnival convention oklahomacity statefairgrounds raven teentitan costume cosplay

Photo radargeek on Flickr


newyork newyorkcomiccon newyorkcomiccon2016 raven thenewteentitans teentitans thenewtitans

Photo misterperturbed on Flickr


New York Comic Con 2016

tampabaycomiccon tampacomiccon tampacomiccon2016 tampabaycomicconaugust2016 tampabaycomiccon2016 cosplay cosplaycomiccon cosplaywomen cosplaysexy cosplaytampabaycomiccon raven cosplayraven

Photo dcnerd on Flickr


Taken at Tampa Bay Comic Con August 2016

topf25 costume friend pretty cosplay raven katsucon 2014 comicbookcharacter explored hotlooking comicbookcostume

Photo greyloch on Flickr

Red Raven **Explored**

Raven, under the full influence of her demonic father, Trigon.

Nicole did an awesome job on this!!

Whoa!! You all really like this pic! It has had over 5K views today. Very cool but also a bit puzzling. o.O?

Raven Costume

Photo Nicolas Husson on Flickr


nycc newyorkcomiccon nikond800 afzoom2470mmf28g

Photo icemanx62 on Flickr


During NYCC 2012 at Jacob Javits Center, New York City, NY, USA on October 12 2012 Photo: Jason Chau

Date: October 12 2012
Model: NIKON D800
Lens: AF Zoom 24-70mm f/2.8G

costumes portrait comics costume comic sandiego cosplay comicbook superheroes raven comiccon con teentitans sdcc 2014 sandiegocomiccon superheroine cosplaygirl comicconcosplay cutecosplay hotcosplay comicconcostumes cosplaygirls superherocosplay sdcccosplay comiccon2014 sdcc2014 2014costumes sandiegocomiccon2014 2014cosplay 2014sandiegocomiccon comiccon2014costumes comicconcosplay2014 comicconcostumes2014 sdcc2014cosplay sdcc2014costumes comiccon2014cosplay

Photo sharky-san on Flickr

SDCC Comic Con 2014 Cosplay, Raven

SDCC Comic Con 2014 Cosplay

2016 batmantheanimatedseries canada comicconvention convention cosplay fanexpo fanexpo2016 fanexpocanada fanexpotoronto harleenquinzel harleyquinn metroconventioncentre raerae raven teentitans toronto

Photo goopie on Flickr

Raven & Harley Quinn

FanExpo 2016 at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.


Raven Costume

Photo SandroSebastiani on Flickr

Elektra & Raven

comics dc cosplay teen convention raven titans 2014 c2e2

Photo dujuan2 on Flickr

Raven 2

C2E2, 2014, Sunday.

wondercon wondercon2017 sdcc comiccon cosplay portrait streetphotography anaheim

Photo San Diego Shooter on Flickr

Raven and Harley Quinn

comics dc cosplay teen convention raven titans 2014 c2e2

Photo dujuan2 on Flickr

Raven 1

C2E2, 2014, Sunday.

drag costume cosplay raven crossplay awesomecon2014

Photo rgaines on Flickr

Raven casts a spell

cosplay dccomics raven teentitans animeweekendatlanta awa2013

Photo Wrath of Con Pics on Flickr


c2e2 2017 cosplay anime manga comics videogames television costume scifi fantasy cartoons animation movies books

Photo blueZhift on Flickr


comiccon convention waagnatie antwerpen antwerp belgië belgium events cosplay raven teentitans comicconantwerp

Photo House Of Secrets Incorporated on Flickr


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All rights reserved.
No unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution without prior permission.


Photo iheartmcabby on Flickr


woman dc mujer titan raven teentitans nikond3200 dcuniverse

Photo davidpuma on Flickr


Cosplayer : yara

wondercon wondercon2017 wondercon17 cosplay dc raven teentitans

Photo Koumori W on Flickr


starfire raven teen titans

Photo Miss Mascot on Flickr

Starfire and Raven

starfire raven

Photo Miss Mascot on Flickr

Starfire and Raven

atlanta anime comics cosplay videogames gaming convention animation celebrities cartoons japanimation comicsconvention momocon tabletopgames americananimation exhibitorshall momocon2015

Photo jc1701 on Flickr

MomoCon 2015 Cosplay Raven Teen Titans

Raven ~ Teen Titans

animenorth animenorth2017 convention cosplay コスプレ teentitans

Photo W1N9Zr0 on Flickr

Raven - Teen Titans

anime cosplay superhero cosplayer dccomics superheroes ax raven teentitans animeexpo animecosplay whiteraven axcosplay ax2014 animeexpo2014 blind7snow ax2014cosplay

Photo blind_manuel on Flickr

White Raven & Raven (Teen Titans)

Anime Expo AX 2014
Location: Los Angeles Conventions Center (LACC)
Camera: Nikon D7100

awesomecon awesomecondc awesomeconwashingtondc awesomecon2017 cosplay comiccon cosplaycomiccon cosplaywomen comicconcosplay raven tats tatoos leg white purplehair cosplayraven cosplaysexy ravencosplay raventitans raventeentitanscosplay cosplayawesomecon womenofdccomics cosplayer costume cosplaying ravencosplayer ravencostume dccomciscosplay dccomicscosplayer dccomicsraven cosplayofflickr womeninwhite flickrcosplay legtat cosplayfun cosplayphoto cosplayworld cosplaycommunity cosplaylove cosplaylife cosplayway cosplaywow

Photo dcnerd on Flickr


Taken at AwesomeCon Washington DC June 2017

comics starwars cosplay spiderman disney superman jasmin batman supergirl batgirl catwoman teentitans greenarrow lexluthor walkingdead braniac sirquedusoleil wonerwoman newyorkcomiccon2014

Photo Mike Rogers Pix on Flickr

Teen Titans Raven Cosplay

New York Comic Con 2014. Photos by Mike Rogers

raven teentitans wig whiteface cosplay makeup costume candidportrait dressup agcon animegamingconvention ramadaplazacincinnatisharonvilleinn sharonville cincinnati ohio portrait eyes dccomics superhero rachelroth purplehair cosplayer

Photo J Wells S on Flickr

Raven - From Teen Titans

Taken at the Anime & Gaming Con held at the Ramada Plaza Cincinnati Sharonville Inn in the Sharonville suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Raven is a half-Azarathian, half-demon hybrid who is one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans.

From Wikipedia:

"Raven is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980), and was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez. The daughter of a demon father (Trigon) and human mother (Arella), Raven is an empath who can teleport and control her "soul-self", which can fight physically, as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her physical body. She is a prominent member of the superhero team Teen Titans. The character also goes by the alias Rachel Roth."

phoenix comicon cosplay cosplayer cosplayers

Photo lathrum on Flickr


Raven, Teen Titan

Raven Teen Titan Costume

Photo Kittz Cosplay on Flickr

Raven- Teen Titans

CN: Ivalicia www.facebook.com/IvalicianFireflies

cosplay otakon dccomics raven teentitans beastboy otakon2013

Photo Wrath of Con Pics on Flickr

Teen Titans

fanquest comiccon convention con winnipeg wpg universityofwinnipeg nikon nikond3400 dccomics comics raven teentitans cosplay costume

Photo TheSamuelYears on Flickr

Raven cosplay

baltimorecomiccon baltimorecon baltimorecomiccon2013 baltimorecomicconcosplay baltimorecon2013 cosplay teentitans starfire cosplayteentitans cosplaystarfire raven ravencosplay cosplayers costumes cosplaying teentitanscosplay flickrcosplay cosplayofflickr cosplaywomen cosplayfun cosplayphoto cosplayworld cosplaycommunity cosplaylove cosplaylife cosplayway cosplaywow cosplaycute

Photo dcnerd on Flickr

Teen Titans

Taken at Baltimore Comic Con September 2013

sexy costume cosplay cosplayer comikaze mannyllanura mannyllanuraphotography comikaze2014

Photo Manny Llanura on Flickr

Comikaze 2014 Raven Teen Titans Abby Normal Cosplay

Cosplay from Comikaze 2014
Please follow my facebook www.facebook.com/MannyLlanuraPhoto

portrait anime female costume tv comic texas cosplay cartoon houston dccomics raven comiccon teentitans strobist comicpalooza nikkorafs70200mmf28gedvrii comicpalooza2013

Photo Michael Shum on Flickr

Raven from Teen Titans - Comicpalooza 2013

teen con 2007 congen titansbeast boyravenrobincontrol freakmumbogen 2003gen 2004gen 2005gen 2006gen

Photo bikinmom on Flickr

Teen Titans!

Beast Boy, Raven, Robin, Control Freak, and Mumbo

azproductioncosplayphotography animecosplay canon cosplayphotography gamecosplay germancosplayphotography godox phottix sigma cosplay dokomi dokomi2018 girl

Photo azproduction on Flickr


Raven, Teen Titans, Hannah Alexander Artwork
Photographer: A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography (www.facebook.com/azproductioncosp)
Cosplayer: Kim on the Rock's Cosplay (www.facebook.com/KimontheRocksCosplay/)
Setup: Main: Godox AD360 with Phottix Para-Pro 1.5m; Background: x2 Godox AD200 with magenta gel

c2e2 2017 cosplay anime manga comics videogames television costume scifi fantasy cartoons animation movies books cyborg beastboy raven teentitans

Photo blueZhift on Flickr

Teen Titans Trio!

Love these group cosplays!

2017 beastboy starfire robin raven teentitans cosplay costume dragoncon

Photo goldenticket76 on Flickr


cosplay batman batgirl dccomics raven teentitans barbaragordon animeweekendatlanta awa2013

Photo Wrath of Con Pics on Flickr

Raven & Babs

newyorkcomiccon 2017 october7 nycc comic convention costume nyc javitscenter dccomics superhero teentitans spandex hero terra beastboy starfire raven speedy youngjustice cosplay team cute pretty new york city con javits center dc comics teen titans super

Photo Randsom on Flickr


raven teentitans bostoncomiccon cosplay

Photo Dan Skorupka on Flickr

Raven at Boston Comic Con

goldnova supernova gold coast 2018 cosplay teen titans robin starfire raven big george

Photo Sconderson Cosplay on Flickr

Titans - Robin, Starfire and Raven

Photo by Big George (www.instagram.com/bounce_light/)

costumes cosplay dccomics dc “justiceleagueofamerica” jla robin “boywonder” ”theboywonder” ”teentitans” batman capedcrusader ”darkknight” prettygirls prettywoman sexywoman girl girls woman superheroes superhero comics comicbooks comicbook villian villians supervillian supervillians wizardworldcomiccon wizardworld comiccon chicagocomiccon comiccon2017 wizardworldcomiccon2017 rosemontillinois rosemont illinois raven

Photo Vinny Gragg on Flickr

Wizard World Comic Con 2017

Robin, Batman and Raven at Wizard World.

2017 atlanta cloak collar convention cosplay dragoncon girl gloves hood raven starfire stockings teentitans thighsplit wig belt

Photo zjernst on Flickr


Dragon Con 2017, Atlanta, Georiga.

Raven Teen Titan Costume

Photo Super Heróis & Vilões - desenho animado e HQ on Flickr

(G) Teen Titans - Raven

costumes robin costume cosplay stormtrooper raven teentitans dragoncon2005

Photo Willrad on Flickr


Robin and Raven.

2016 28mmf18g animeweekendatlanta atlanta cosplay georgia nikond800 renaissancewaverlyhotel raven dccomics teentitans

Photo WashuOtaku on Flickr

161002-3055 Anime Weekend Atlanta

Picture taken at Anime Weekend Atlanta 22.

dc cosplay starfire terra raven teentitans sdcc 2014 sandiegocomiccon

Photo Bitspitter on Flickr


Raven, Terra and Starfire

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

nycomiccon 2013 newyorkcomiccon cosplay javits nyc newyork october costume convention comicbooks dccomics teentitans raven callalady superhero superheroine twins matchingcostumes costumedwomen nicolemarino new york comic con center dc comics teen titans super matching nycc

Photo Randsom on Flickr


pentax cosplay コスプレ k01 smcpentaxda40mmf28xs wondercon2014

Photo mambastic photography on Flickr

WonderCon 2014 - Raven

From DC Comics' Teen Titans

If you would like to be credited and/or have a link to your Cosplay.com/ACParadise/DeviantArt/Facebook profile, please contact me.

cosplay dragoncon dragoncon2017 teentitans marvel raven

Photo Zaptomatic on Flickr

DragonCon 2017 Friday-52

DragonCon 2017 in Atlanta, GA

wondercon wca2017 wondercon2017 cosplay cosplayer cosplayers dccomics teentitans raven anaheimconventioncenter

Photo willdleeesq on Flickr



Cosplayer: Nikki Pardee

newyorkcomiccon october7 2017 nycc nyc newyorkcity costume jacobjavits comic con convention cosplay dccomics dc superhero raven cape youngjustice teentitans heroine purple hood wig javits october6 new york city center comics teen titans super

Photo Randsom on Flickr


cosplay cosplayer cosplayers lbcc lbcc2018 longbeachcomiccon longbeachcomiccon2018 dccomics raven teentitans

Photo willdleeesq on Flickr



Cosplayer: That Vegan Cosplayer

dc texas cosplay houston terra raven teentitans 2014 amazinghoustoncomiccon

Photo Bitspitter on Flickr


Courtney Norris as Raven
Salem Bathory as Terra

Amazing Houston Comic Con 2014

dc costume sandiego cosplay raven comiccon teentitans sdcc beastboy 2015

Photo Jonno212 on Flickr


wondercon wondercon2017 anaheimconventioncenter ivankay cosplay teentitans beastboy raven

Photo ivankay on Flickr

T60C8176 Wonder Con 2017: Saturday

costume cosplay convention dccomics teentitans ravendarkhölme comiccon2013 nycc2013

Photo Darc G on Flickr

NYC Comic Con 2013-Friday - Raven

newyorkcomiccon nycomiccon comicconvention 2012 cosplay costume halloween javitscenter newyork nyc dccomics dc superhero spandex teentitans raven saturngirl cosmicboy legionsuperheroes new york comic con convention javits center comics teen titans super nycc

Photo Randsom on Flickr


TITANS meet LEGION! Raven from Teen Titans strikes a pose with SATURN GIRL and COSMIC BOY from The Legion of Superheroes.


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