Harry Potter Three Headed Fluffy Dog Costume

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Fluffy was a huge, fierce, three-headed dog that Rubius Hagrid had once looked after. Fluffy’s greatest weakness was that he could not resist falling asleep to music.

Harry Potter Three Headed Fluffy Dog Costume
Harry Potter Three Headed Fluffy Dog Costume

Does your dog behave the same as Harry Potter’s Fluffy i.e cute to their parents and fierce to strangers?

Are you thinking that this Halloween or your Harry Potter cosplay party to dress your cute dog with fluffy’s 3 headed dog costume?

There is no better way to complete your Harry Potter outfit than giving your dog a fluffy look. Do not let this name fool you, Fluffy is a fierce three-headed dog who protects the witch stone. Leave it to Hagrid to name such a cute name for such a wild animal. However, this alone attracts more attention to the Cerberus costume as part of the Harry Potter costume.

Well then, you have come to the right place where we will recommend the closest costume available on the internet for the character.

Yes, there are not single costumes available on the internet, which resembles Fluffy’s character.

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Harry Potter’s Fluffy Dog Costume

What we recommend is to buy a life-size dog mask, which matches your dog’s breed.

Then stuff that mask with cotton or cloth and then attach it with the dog’s belt so that it does not fall off.

The other way is to buy a life-size dog soft toy and attach it to the side of the dog. Of Crouse make, your dog comfortable first or it will scare the hell out of him/her!

This is the only solution we could find right now, as there is no specific costume available for this dog character.

Here are the links where you can buy the dog mask: –

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1.) Labrador head costume

2.) French Bulldogs head costume

3.) German Shepherds head costume

4.) Bulldogs head mask

5.) Poodles dog head mask

6.) Rottweilers dog head mask

Please let us know how you made a DIY Harry Potter Fluffy’s costume in the comments.

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