Adult Austin Powers Costume


This costume includes a Purple Jacket with Ruffled Cuffs, a Ruffled-Necked White Shirt and a Purple Trousers. You can get the Glasses, the British Teeth and Chest hair from here.

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In this Halloween or cosplay if you want to dress sarcastically and want attracts a lot of women then this Austin Powers costume for men is perfect for you. Acquire his personality with his costume to make yourself a chic-magnet. After wearing this costume one-night stand with hot women will become common events for you. Everyone love to laugh and Austin Powers has a PhD in making people laugh. This Halloween make people laugh wearing an Austin Powers costume. Laughing is a best medicine.

Not just wear Austin Powers costume but be like Austin Powers, the one who never forget to smile no matter what the situation is. Austin Powers shows us how live the life without any worries and tension. This Costume will make you a nerdy and naughty gentleman which attracts girls like a magnet.

Wearing this Costume you will be able to drool the dance floor and everyone around you will witness it. Wear this dress and be a secret agent with confidence. This costume will make a multi talented secret spy agent who knows how to fight, how to make love and how to destroy an evil. No wonder why Dr. Evil is so jealous of him, looking at a multi talented personality.

This costume will look cool and nerdy at the same time because spy agents like to be sophisticated at all times. Do let your enemies know your weakness, all stay confident with this costume. Austin Powers strictly follows the saying “work hard and party even harder”. Be an party animal, forget all your worries and tell all your tension out of you body through your legs by hitting the party dance floor with this costume. Feel comfortable and relaxed in this costume.

Adult Austin Powers Costume Guide

Austin Powers always dress as an British gentle man. His outfit give a vibe of 60s dressing style. No wonder why the girls are attracted to him, as he was always well dressed. The other reason why girls are attracted to him is that has a hairy chest and most girls from 60s and 90s loves chest hairs on men. When Austin shows his chest hair women immediately takes him to bed (disclaimer: That does’nt mean can also get laid by exposing the chest hair but you can try).

The other secret of his to get laid faster is his British smile. Actually not his teeth as people misunderstood but his ability to keep smiling in any situation. The glasses he wears make him a gentleman nerd and it is a perfect costume for a British secret agent from 60s.

This costume includes a purple jacket with ruffled cuffs, a ruffled-necked white shirt and a purple trousers. You can get the glasses, the British teeth and chest hair from here.

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